"Matur Piuning" at Besakih Temple for IMF - World Bank Forum 2018. (IMG: Exclusive)
"Matur Piuning" at Besakih Temple for IMF - World Bank Forum 2018. (IMG: Exclusive)
“Matur Piuning” at Besakih Temple for IMF – World Bank Forum 2018. (IMG: Exclusive)

KARANGASEM, Bali (BPN) – Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika held a joint prayer or “Matur Piuning” at Besakih temple, Karangasem on Thursday, August 2, for the IMF – World Bank 2018 Forum. The praying was held with officials from the IMF-World Bank Forum attended by IMF Secretary Jianhai Lin and Vice President and also World Secretary Bank Ivone Tsikata.

At the Matur Piuning which was also attended by Bali Police Chief Inspector General Petrus R Golose, representatives of the Regional Commander of Udayana Bali, and Deputy Regent of Karangasem I Wayan Artha Dipa, Pastika said that this prayer was a joint initiative, both from the central committee and from the IMF and World Bank which aims to make this prestigious international event work smoothly.

“The term ‘Matur Piuning’ or report to God, to the Gods in Bali, so that this big event can run smoothly. This is also for the prestige of Bali and Indonesia in the future,” he said.

Pastika also stated that this event was not just an initiative of him, but the result of the awareness of all parties, from the committee and organizer. “Because we know Balinese people put forward both aspect Sekala and Niskala (the seen and unseen), because that is what formed the spiritual value of Bali. Hopefully what we will carry out will be secure and blessed by God,” he said.

On that occasion, the Bali Police Chief Petrus R Golose stated that both the police and TNI (Indonesian Army) are well prepared for the security issues. According to him, the authorities will secure around 228 VIP participants and dozens of VVIP, from 189 countries.

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“We have held various meetings even to Washington DC discussing security issues. The security that we design with the military is quite strict, but still prioritizes the comfort of the participants,” he added.

Regarding the issue of Mount Agung, Bali Police Chief also has prepared various plans. As if there was an eruption when the forum took place, the Plan Contingency is already prepared, starting with evacuation and working with related parties such as the TNI to BPBD (Disaster Mitigation Agency).

IMF Secretary Jianhai Lin explained that in the October 2018 forum, thousands of delegates from 189 countries not only to discuss developments of global economic issues but also will explore the beauty of Bali and Indonesia for about a week.

“They will see how beautiful Indonesia and Bali are and how warm the people are in Bali. I have often been here and every time I go to Bali I have learned a lot about the people’s lives,” he said.

Meanwhile World Bank Deputy President and World Bank Secretary Ivonne Tsikata said the annual meeting will be a promotion for Bali and Indonesia.


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