Press Conference of Soul of Nusa Dua.
Press Conference of Soul of Nusa Dua.
Press Conference of Soul of Nusa Dua.
Press Conference of Soul of Nusa Dua, on Wednesday.

NUSA DUA, Bali (BPN) – Various elements of society in Bali continue to intensively socialize and declare war against plastic waste which for years has become a problem for the environment in Bali. Recently, one of the movements to free Bali from plastic waste also came from youth in Nusa Dua which is done through music event called Soul of Nusa Dua, which will be held at Lapangan Lagoon, Nusa Dua, on Sunday, April 28.

According to Agung Ngurah, the head committee of the Soul of Nusa Dua, this event began when he found out an article stating that Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic waste in the world after China.

“Since then we decided to create this event as a campaign against plastic waste. We also invite people to make small changes that will have a major impact on the environment,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

This charity event will be enlivened with various programs such as Zumba, environment-themed contests, cultural performances and music performances from local and national bands with various genres. Entrance fee on the spot costs only IDR45,000.

“Since this is a charity event, we will use the ticket sales to make trash cans that later will be distributed in Badung Regency,” Agung Ngurah explained.

While the Head of the Badung Regency Tourism Office I Made Badra said that his side fully supports the Soul of Nusa Dua event.

“This event is an innovative idea comes from youth to manage the environment, especially the problem of plastic waste. This also supports the 3R movement program, namely Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse of plastic waste,” he said.

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Made Badra also stressed that waste problem is the enemy of tourism in Bali for years, and through the Soul of Nusa Dua, it is expected to spread a message throughout the world that the Balinese are very concerned in handling this problem.

With the tagline, Lets’s Become the Hero for Mother Earth, the Soul of Nusa Dua also held pre-event activities such as explaining the dangers of plastic waste to schools and colleges in Bali, beach cleanup, and campaigns through social media.


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