Bartender competition at Arak Bali Festival #2.
Bartender competition at Arak Bali Festival #2.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Arak Bali Festival (ABF) is held again for the second time on 18 -19 December 2019. This event is an annual event organized by Arak Dewi Sri by Hatten Wines and the Himpunan Bartender Indonesia (HBI), a bartender profession association of Bali Chapter. According to Owner of Hatten Wines Ida Bagoes Rai Budarsa, this year’s event is not only filled by bartender competition and seminar but also filled with other activities such as food and beverage expo and music festivals.


“The Bali Arak Festival will be held every year and next year several Asian countries are expected to join in the competition,” he said.


At the seminar and discussion themed “Arak between Legalization and Tradition”, Putu Widhiantara, one of the speakers and founder of The Bar Times Magazine, said that ABF aims to introduce Arak (Bali traditional liquor) as one of the local wisdom that must be taken care of as a sustainable cultural heritage.


“The culture and rules of drinking Arak must be returned to its place so that the younger generation can enjoy Arak responsibly. Education is a priority before we discuss legalization,” he explained.


While at the bartender competition, emerge as champion this year was Kadek Sanjaya Dwi Permana (Bikini Bali), followed by Benedick Visantus Pramono (Gozadera Surabaya) in the second place, and the third place was Nyoman Cipta Mantara (91 Canggu).


The most prestigious mixology competition in 2019 raised Arak as the spirit in the competition and followed by bartenders from three big cities in the country including Jakarta, Bali, and Surabaya.


“The skills of the bartenders are beyond what we expected. They made an amazing cocktail,” said I Made Bagia Arsana, one of the judges.


The concept of this competition is that participants are expected to be able to create cocktails with Indonesian characteristics to be introduced to the world, and it must be completed with the calculation of spending costs and selling prices.


“The purpose of this competition is to produce bartenders who are ready and capable in terms of skill and understanding towards Arak, and of course there will be different challenges each year,” said the head of the committee Tiki Fitria Primadona.


Next year, it is hoped ABF will attract participants from neighboring countries to come and compete so that it will be a good promotion Balinese Arak.


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