Alaya Dedaun Kuta.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Alaya Dedaun Kuta invited representatives from the National Narcotics Agency of Badung Regency (BNNK) led by AKBP Ni Ketut Masmini, SH., MH to hold a drug prevention seminar and carry out urine tests. This program was conducted for all employees at Alaya Dedaun Kuta, Tanaya Bed & Breakfast, Tan’s Bakery and Pastry, and DaLa Spa.

This type of informative session is extremely relevant in today’s modern society as drug addiction has the ability to devastate lives, families, and relationships. The increasing number of drug addicts in Indonesia is a huge concern and immediate action needs to be taken to ensure that this disease does not impact future generations.

Awareness and educational activities are the primary tools to inform people about the dangers of drugs and the importance of prevention in order to protect individuals and their respective families.

“We feel that it is our moral duty to carry out this drug awareness activity with BNNK at Alaya Dedaun Kuta. The information given is vitally important and can save lives. We are just so grateful that all of the urine tests carried out on our employees came back negative,” said Dewi Artini, Resident Manager of Alaya Dedaun Kuta.

The management team for Alaya Dedaun Kuta hopes that this kind of initiative will generate greater awareness about the dangers of drugs amongst all staff members. By taking action now as a likeminded community, we can all implement necessary changes and make a real difference.  

“Participating in this Corporate Social Responsibility program shows our care and concern for the well-being of each other. It also reinforces Alaya Hotels & Resorts commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan),” she said.

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