200 gram of sirloin steak at Kokun Kitchen & Pastry.
200 gram of sirloin steak at Kokun Kitchen & Pastry.
200 gram of sirloin steak at Kokun Kitchen & Pastry.
200 grams of sirloin steak at Kokun Kitchen & Pastry.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Currently there are so many places in Bali offering elegant and cozy atmosphere for a coffee break, hangout, little party, or a small gathering, with variants of menu and compete in services and facilities.  This time, one of which will be discussed is Kokun Kitchen & Pastry which is located on Jl. Teuku Umar Barat, Denpasar. The café resto offers western menu at a very affordable in Bali, at the maximum price of 70K.

There are several menus to try while in this place like its main course signature Sirloin Steak 200 gram, Prawn Pasta and Meat Love Pizza.

The bestseller is the Sirloin steak, served weighing 200 grams with two sauces; black pepper and barbecue. The menu is also served with side dishes such as mashed potato and vegetables.

For the refreshment, Kokun offers a refreshing dish named Smoothie Bowl, with banana-based ingredients made soup, this menu is becoming more refreshing to the guest with various kinds of fruit as the topping such as strawberry, papaya, pineapple, and others.

Kokun's Smoothie Bowl.
Kokun’s Smoothie Bowl.

Other menu which is recommended to try here is Rolled Chocolate Crepes, while the drink you can try Green Tea or mocktail.

This place is perfect for those who want a culinary tour with affordable prices but in a satisfying taste, plus other facilities such as WiFi.

Kokun Kitchen & Pastry is open daily from 10.00 am to 11.30 pm. Indeed, the surrounding environment that somehow is a little bit noisy because it’s located alongside the road and next to a motorcycle dealer, but Kokun is also managed to provide a cool and green atmosphere with plants displayed at the front of this café, giving a simple and cozy impression to the visitors.


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