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Image: google.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – International Bali Institute of Tourism (STPBI) stated that soon it will make a breakthrough to support Bali Gubernatorial Decree No. 97 of 2018 on the Limitation on the Disposal Plastic. The regulation planned by STPBI is reducing the use of plastic bottles or plastic packaging.

This was stated by Dr. I Made Sudjana, SE., MM., CHT., CHA., after the meeting with Media Online Indonesia (MOI) Bali on Wednesday.

 “We are committed towards the environment and no later than March 1, 2020, we will start implementing STPBI as campus free of plastic bottles,” said Made Sudjana.

As the solution, Made Sudjana continued, the management, employees, and students which amounting to 3000 people, will be given a free tumbler.

As for the canteen, and throughout the management room, STPBI will provide water in galon (19-liter plastic containers where employees and students can refill their tumbler. Meanwhile, for other meetings or seminars, STPBI will provide glass-bottled water.

“Socialization and education about reducing the use of plastic bottles have been spread continuously. It is also informed to all prospective new students who registered to study at STPBI,” said Made Sudjana.


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