A booth by 4th grade student presenting SIBERLA App, an application about Indonesian National Heroes.
A booth by 4th grade student presenting SIBERLA App, an application about Indonesian National Heroes.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Tunas Daud School held its annual Tunas Daud Learning Innovation Festival (TD LIF), on Friday. This activity aimed to facilitate early childhood education (PAUD) to high school students, to express their creative ideas and innovations that they develop based on the learning process during the first semester.

The festival located at Tunas Daud School, Jl. Kebo Iwa Utara 8, Denpasar, was also attended by the Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) of Bali, supervisor of junior and senior high schools in Denpasar, as well as teachers from kindergarten to high school levels.

TD LIF 2020 themed “Be Innovative” in which students develop more creative ideas, discoveries, and innovation in terms of features, functions, procedures, and responsibilities, as outlined in the learning cycle. Students were also guided by teachers to finally resulting products and or services.

The students’ innovations were also held based on entrepreneurship project learning, which has been integrated into daily learning for the last 8 years in Tunas Daud School and became one of the main supporters of the implementation of TD LIF.

As a result, innovations are not only in the form of products but also in the form of services and performance.

This shows that entrepreneurship education does not just about selling, but rather how students can read opportunities, shape their character and can create jobs from the opportunities they find.

The TD LIF 2020 also still in the context of showing the consistency of the school in supporting the Perwali (mayoral regulation) 36 in 2018 and the Pergub (governor regulation) 97 in 2018 on the movement to reduce plastic waste.

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Also, at the festival, students and teachers developed local culture such as using traditional Balinese clothing and students also created several products and performances related to the “No Plastic” movement. Besides, students also responded to issues that occur in the community, such as a substitute for staple foods, by making innovation towards new menus to replace rice.

TD LIF 2020 also produced several superior products. PAUD students created food substitutes for rice and innovation in a healthy school meal. Elementary school students produced decorative vase from used goods, musical drama performances Say No to Plastic, Smart Bin, cultural history “SIBELRA” App, and snacks from Moringa leaf.

While the superior results of junior high school students at TD LIF 2020 are innovations in terms of literature and culinary with rice-substitute ingredients. Last but not least, high school students produced mini-theater (innovation in the arts), culinary and re-cycle products.

Those innovations by students managed to be achieved by the support of the parenting program at Tunas Daud School. For example, parents were presented as guest teachers, or product management was carried out in collaboration by children and parents, even the decorations at TDLIF 2020 were done by parents.

TD LIF 2020 by Tunas Daud School is expected to spread a positive impact to other schools and also to the country’s education program, towards independent learning and advancing Indonesian education.