Sate Khas Senayan in Canggu

CANGGU, Bali (BPN) – Sate Khas Senayan, a leading Indonesian restaurant chain, has announced the opening of its fifth outlet on the Island of the Gods. Located in the vibrant area of Canggu, the new outlet aims to introduce and promote Indonesian cuisine, specifically from Java and Bali to both foreign travelers and locals alike, providing an immersive dining experience that showcases the diversity and richness of Indonesian culinary traditions.

“Established in 1974 in Jakarta, Sate Khas Senayan is one of the restaurant brands owned by the Sarirasa Group, a leading Indonesian F&B company. Previously known as Satay House Senayan, Sate Khas Senayan has continued to expand and now the brand has over 60 outlets in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta areas,” said Lavinia Siswadi, Head of Marketing Sarirasa Group.

After more than 40 years in operation, Sate Khas Senayan has expanded its business beyond Jakarta by opening its first outlet in Bali, located in Kuta Beachwalk in 2022.

Sate Khas Senayan in Canggu

Within one year, the brand successfully added three more outlets to its list, bringing a variety of dining experiences to the Island, from the classic Sate Khas Senayan restaurant in Jimbaran to various seafood offering at Sate & Seafood Senayan in Living World, Denpasar, and a quick service outlet Sate Express Senayan at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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“We’ve received excellent feedback over the past year, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to open a new restaurant in Canggu,” said Lavinia.

“Canggu is currently one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali, which aligns perfectly with our mission of introducing, promoting, and preserving Indonesian culinary heritage as the strategic location allows us to reach a wider audience, both locals and foreign travelers.”

Similar to the previous outlets, Sate Khas Senayan in Canggu also offers the restaurant’s signature dishes, Sate Ayam, Sate Kambing, Nasi Kuning Campur, and Soto Betawi as well as desserts, such as Wedang Ronde and Es Merah Delima.

Additionally, the Canggu outlet also features a special set menu specifically curated for Bali’s food lovers. Offering two options, regular and vegetarian, the set menu allows first-time guests to sample a complete Sate Khas Senayan’s meal, including satays, soup, main dish, vegetables, snacks as well as noodles.

“We have been very careful in curating the menu and preparing our new outlet. For us, the journey towards achieving total preservation of Indonesian cuisine is not a walk in the park, but we have embraced the challenge by taking the first step in order to fulfill our aspiration. This does not mean that we are overconfident, but rather due to our faith in the capacity and fulsomeness of Indonesian cuisine that it could shine on its own,” said Lavinia.

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To provide guests with a maximum experience, Sate Khas Senayan Canggu also offers a more laid-back interior design that aligns with Canggu’s vibes, known as a hangout place with friends or family.

The interior design features large windows, which allow guests to enjoy the pleasant and refreshing breeze of Canggu, as well as natural lighting. Additionally, it has added calico fabrics to the roof to create a dramatic and romantic atmosphere at night

In addition to serving Indonesian cuisine, Sarirasa Group also ensures that the new outlet is able to apply the Sarirasa Group’s “Zero waste to landfill” commitment.

With regard to its ‘Zero waste to landfill’ commitment, since 2018, all Sate Khas Senayan outlets have been properly managing waste to ensure that we can maximize every product and turn our waste into something valuable. The restaurant gathers all the food waste, as well as the packaging, and tries to recycle it by collaborating with relevant parties. They have also changed some of the ingredients to reduce food waste by using every bit of it.

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“We believe that every step matters to protect our beloved country and make it a better place for future generations. This inspired us to establish tanahmula, which is derived from the Indonesian words ‘tanah’ (land) and ‘mula’ (beginning), signifying its purpose to restore the Earth to its previous state. This initiative is dedicated to turning waste management into a cultural practice implemented by hospitality companies aiming at restoring the Earth into it,” Lavinia closed.

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