Left to right: Made Dollar Astawa, Nur Ilham, Made Mahendra Mangku, and Wayan Seriyoga Parta at the exhibition's press conference, on Thursday.
Left to right: Made Dollar Astawa, Nur Ilham, Made Mahendra Mangku, and Wayan Seriyoga Parta at the exhibition's press conference, on Thursday.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Santrian Gallery holds a painting exhibition presenting artworks from two painters with different style Nur Ilham (realism) and Made Mahendra Mangku (abstract), started on 8 November to 30 December 2019. Themed “Menembus Rasa”, the exhibition became the first to combine two styles, Realist and Abstract, at once.

“We want to bring in something different. This exhibition may be the first in Indonesia that combines two styles at once. Through this exhibition, we would like to show that whatever the style is, the artwork has one thing in common, which is always through a long process and is not fake,” said Made Dollar Astawa as representative of the Santrian Gallery, on Thursday.

The abstract painter, Made Mahendra Mangku said, he chose the abstract painting because of the painting process is very interesting for him.

“Like when we want to go to one place but not just considering one way. This is the pleasure. I think this is no different from the process of realism painting,” he said.

Made Mahendra Mangku said that abstract painting gives a variety of spontaneous expressions that are so rich in color effects. Starting from the brushstrokes, the melting, splashes of color, to the color sediment.

While Nur Ilham, the realist painter said, his work presents ordinary objects in everyday life, but the way to present these objects looks very unusual.

Nur Ilham has been a realist painter with watercolor since 2013. Previously, for almost 20 years his painting was oil paint and acrylic paint.

“I found uniqueness in the watercolor paint, where there are unexpected “explosion” in it. Sometimes I just have to let it flow like water. There is an unexpected artistic value there and this requires high sensitivity,” he said.

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Nur Ilham’s perspective on the object also enables him to present his work in the form of metaphor. Ordinary objects are presented with an aesthetic touch with powerful artistic exploration. “I try to give awareness, beauty does not only come from objects that look beautiful,” Ilham said.

Wayan Seriyoga Parta, as the exhibition curator, explained that each painting style has its character and uniqueness. Visually, the works of these two painters look much different and even contradictory, but in fact, there is something similar.

“There is a similarity in the process between the two painters. That it is very important in aligning ideas or thoughts, hands (skills) and sense. Without the harmony of the three aspects, surely the process that is passed will not achieve the best results,” said Wayan Seriyoga Parta.


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