OXO The Residences at Nuanu

TABANAN, Bali (BPN) – OXO Group Indonesia launched residences that uphold a new sustainable concept named OXO The Residences at Nuanu, a creative city in Tabanan, on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

This housing project saw an impressive sell-out of 40 units of villas, with prices ranging from IDR 8 to 16 billion per unit.

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Sergey Solonin, the founder of Nuanu, stated, “As part of Nuanu’s efforts to offer an ecosystem that fosters human connectivity for harmonious collective well-being, we welcome innovative ideas that support this vision. By welcoming OXO The Residences to be a part of Nuanu ecosystem, we hope this residence area can provide a distinct atmosphere in celebrating a more meaningful life.”

Meanwhile, Johannes Weissenbaeck, founder and CEO of OXO Group Indonesia, noted that one of the reasons OXO The Residences collaborated with Nuanu is to offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the creative facilities and various inspirational offerings of this creative city, such as international schools, entertainment areas, and art and culture spaces.

“In line with Nuanu’s development principle with the vision of creating an inspiring and beneficial lifestyle for guests and investors, OXO Group has been a pioneer in residential products and experiences known for their uncompromising standards, intelligent design, premium services, and a strong emphasis on sustainability,” explained Johannes.

Prioritizing sustainability, which has become a trend in the property landscape of Bali, all buildings initiated by OXO Group are equipped with facilities such as solar panels, rainwater absorption areas, water treatment systems, osmosis water filters, and materials that are recycled or recyclable.

Alexis Dornier, the architectural designer behind OXO The Residences, also shared his vision for OXO The Residences design. He aims to convey a statement of architectural design that is easy to understand while redefining the meaning of comfort and luxury.

“The fundamental reason why the collaboration between OXO and our studio flows naturally is our shared fundamental understanding in property development, which is the principle of sustainability. The less we build, the better,” stated Alexis.

OXO The Residences features 40 neo-luxury villas on a 2-hectare land, equipped with communal facilities for residents.

With the building sizes ranging from 182 square meters to 286 square meters, OXO The Residences has set out to attract both local and international consumers. With 80% domestic buyers, this offers an inclusive opportunity for Indonesian to be part of this neo-luxury residential community.

As part of the Nuanu community, residents of OXO The Residences will immerse themselves in an environment where everyone can connect, collaborate, and co-create.

From unique art installations and coastal sanctuaries to cultural programs and innovative co-working and communal spaces, every aspect of Nuanu is designed to spark creativity, foster meaningful connections, and collective well-being.

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