Nuanu, a pioneering creative city unfolds at Nyanyi beach, Beraban village, Tabanan. (Image: Nuanu)
Nuanu, a pioneering creative city unfolds at Nyanyi beach, Beraban village, Tabanan. (Image: Nuanu)

TABANAN, Bali (BPN) – NUANU cultural ecosystem emerges as a groundbreaking vision for a creative city, spanning an expansive 44 hectares in the enchanting landscapes of Tabanan, Bali. Located at Nyanyi Beach, this innovative venture sets its focus on nurturing creative hubs and incubators while fostering dynamic collaborations and experimentation among art, culture, creative businesses, and social entrepreneurship.

Bali became the chosen canvas for NUANU, poised to become a beacon of hope and progress for humanity’s betterment.

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Sergey Solonin, Owner and Founder of NUANU, said that NUANU passionately seeks to engage artists capable of crafting facilities that inspire individuals to grasp the essence of sustainability independently. NUANU’s unwavering commitment to the empowerment of the creative sector and local artists is at the heart of its mission.


“While we are currently in the initial stage, our efforts to uplift the creative community have already begun to take shape. The events we’ve coordinated thus far may have been on a small scale, but they mark the dawn of a more significant movement within NUANU,” said Sergey Solonin.

Nuanu developing several zones, including education centers with international university, and art academy. Then there is the Headquarters which contains a hotel, retreat center, Arcadia, and amphitheater.

Then, in the event area, Nuanu to develop the Luna Beach Club and Bhuma Tower which will become Nuanu’s icon.

Sergey added that in the near future, NUANU is poised to unveil a comprehensive cultural agenda that will redefine the creative landscape. This ambitious agenda will encompass a rich tapestry of cultural elements, including the establishment of museums, galleries, exhibitions, and awe-inspiring art installations.

“One of the most exciting prospects on our horizon involves the integration of cutting-edge technology into the world of art—an endeavor that challenges our imagination and innovation. We are diligently working towards making this vision a reality, with plans to unveil it Q1 2024, coinciding with the grand opening of The Tower of Bhuma” stated Sergey Solonin.

One of the latest is the introduction of the Earth Sentinels Statue; two statues by South African artist Daniel Popper, on Friday (13/10/2023).

Daniel Popper explained Earth Sentinels are figures believed to be the guardians of the Earth. It is believed that this statue can remind us of the importance of the relationship between humans and nature and will become an icon in Nuanu.

the Earth Sentinels Statue created by Daniel Popper. (Image: Nuanu)
the Earth Sentinels Statue created by Daniel Popper. (Image: Nuanu)

These collaborations aim to raise awareness and offer fresh perspectives on the importance of creating with purpose and sustainability. This collaboration takes the form of a projection mapping show that transforms Daniel Popper’s sculptures into an immersive adventure.

This captivating media art experience invites viewers on a transformative journey, redefining concepts of individualism and highlighting our interconnectedness as an expression of a universal consciousness. This collaboration introduces new ways of experiencing art from a fresh perspective, where nature and technology merge in perfect harmony.

In addition, Nuanu also showed commitment to environmental conservation through the Harmony Area, a green open space. As well as a site for developing butterflies, various plantations, Eco parks, and secret forests.

Meanwhile, Ichwan Hermecz, the Main Director of Nuanu, said that his party believes that Nuanu will be a transformative space for creators and artists to develop.

“We focus on fostering creative communities while encouraging dynamic collaboration between communities, arts, culture, creative business, and social entrepreneurship,” said Ichwan.

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