Nuanu Social Fund unveils groundbreaking mapping research in a press conference on Sunday (Feb. 18)
Nuanu Social Fund unveils groundbreaking mapping research in a press conference on Sunday (Feb. 18)

TABANAN, Bali (BPN) – Nuanu Social Fund (NSF), a dynamic entity committed to driving positive social and environmental change, unveils an innovative mapping research initiative titled “Changemakers in and around Bali.”

The launch event is a tribute to celebrate the social innovators and leaders who are actively shaping the future of Indonesia.

Following a comprehensive six-month study by NSF, the event included a visually captivating map that highlights key areas of social innovation, a detailed magazine with reports and narratives, and an interactive website offering ongoing research updates and networking opportunities.

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The NSF mapping research initiative aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the social and environmental landscape in and around Bali. Through visually representing individuals and organizations dedicated to positive change, the map seeks to uncover distinct qualities and patterns within these clusters of changemakers.

By identifying connections among them, NSF hopes to comprehend the challenges and needs they face, as well as determine their various roles within the larger system.

The launch event marks a significant milestone for NSF, focusing on disseminating research findings and fostering connections within the Changemakers network clusters. Additionally, the website serves as a potent networking and research tool, steering the network towards community impact and highlighting collaboration opportunities.

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Sergey Solonin, the visionary Founder of Nuanu, said that his vision for NSF is rooted in the belief that communities have the power to shape their destiny and create a brighter future.

“And seeing the NSF team move forward to achieve this vision and reach this milestone fills me with pride. I eagerly anticipate their continued support for impactful projects,” he said in a press conference at Nuanu, Beraban, Tabanan, on Sunday (February 18).

Reflecting on the journey, Denis Guseynov, Director of Nuanu Social Fund, articulates: “The journey of Nuanu Social Fund began with the curiosity to discover and connect individuals and organisations dedicated, like us, to Bali’s well-being and tackling global challenges. As architects of this journey, we have crafted a unique process to map the ‘Changemakers in and around Bali’, setting the stage for transformative initiatives and collaborations.”

The mapping methodology employs Snowball Sampling, facilitating community identification and exploration. The initiative benefits both NSF and the community, providing crucial data for collaboration and transformative change.

It leads to strategic partnerships and targeted support, aiding in targeted collaborations and resource sharing. Aligned with NSF’s broader mission, which extends beyond the 17 UN SDGs, preserving Bali’s rich culture and tradition remains a key focus.

Gus Tulang, Founder of Petradesa, expresses gratitude for NSF’s influence: “I deeply appreciate NSF’s ambitious goals and feel strongly with their mission to empower communities. I am fortunate to have received their support to activate a passion project of mine, Timbal Hub. Through this project, I am able to provide a safe and proper space for the youth of Tabanan Village to learn the utilisation of information technology.”

NSF remains dedicated to catalyzing impactful projects and supporting individuals and communities in line with its mission.

Through the provision of essential funds, expert knowledge, and a strong network, NSF actively contributes to the growth and transformation of entities that align with Nuanu’s vision for a promising future.

NSF provides a unique approach, characterized by dynamism, transparency, and community participation. Through this inclusive model, it fosters a deep sense of community ownership and collaboration, empowering the Nuanu Community to actively shape the fund’s operations and objectives.

Nuanu is a creative city spanning 44 hectares in Bali, Indonesia, embodying a commitment to harmonious living.

This vibrant community of creators, leaders, and changemakers is empowered to foster a culture of positive change.

Designed as an integrated ecosystem, the city features dedicated spaces for education, art & culture, wellness, entertainment, and nature-inspired living, envisioning a future where these elements seamlessly intertwine.

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