Banana Rolled.
Banana Rolled.

NUSA DUA, Bali (BPN) – Nusa Dua has been known as one of the best tourist areas in Bali and one of the favorite places to stay, especially for the international traveler. Besides, Nusa Dua is also one of the favorite destinations for food, especially the Balinese and Indonesian foods. One of the places that worth a visit is the Mengiat Restaurant.

Mengiat Restaurant is located at the area of Santika Siligita Hotel, Nusa Dua, and offers a variety of special culinary menus such as Ayam Rica-rica, Ayam Kedewatan, or Gado-gado.

Ayam (chicken) Rica-rica is Indonesian typical dish which is hot and tasty. The Rica rica seasoning is the key to this menu which in general consisting of chopped or ground red or green chili peppers, shallots, garlic, ginger, salt and sugar. The spices are cooked in coconut oil with bruised lemon grass, lime leaf and lime juice.

On the plate, this menu contains rice with side dishes of chicken with Rica-rica sauce, Urap (vegetable salad with shredded coconuts) and crackers.

To bring satisfaction to consumers, this menu is cooked in two different steps. First, the chicken meat is grilled half-done with basic seasoning, then when there’s an order, the meat through another cooking process with the Rica rica sauce. This process will make the seasoning absorbed better into the meat.

Ayam Rica rica at Mengiat Restaurant.
Ayam Rica rica at Mengiat Restaurant.

The taste? Well, Ayam Rica rica offers you a unique sensation of the soft texture of the meat combined with the delicious Rica rica sauce, not too spicy, but with a typical Indonesian flavor. It is completed by the savory vegetable salad which is typical of Balinese flavor.

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In addition to Ayam rica-rica, there are other menus such as Ayam Kedewatan. You can enjoy this typical culinary from Ubud at Mengiat Restaurant with its characteristic such as Urap Kalasan which contains long beans with Balinese seasoning, fried chicken, fried chicken skin, and chicken satay.

While for those of you who want to try another Indonesian salad, you can try Gado gado, typical Indonesian vegetable salad with peanut sauce.

After enjoying the main course, it’s time for the dessert. This month, Mengiat Restaurant releases four new desserts that are difficult to skip. Among them are Banana rolled, Fried Ice cream, Oyon ice and mung bean and coconut ice.

Mengiat Restaurant is open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM located at Santika Siligita Hotel’s ground area. Each of the above menus can be enjoyed both at lunch and dinner at a price less than IDR100K, while enjoying the atmosphere of the swimming pool and the beautiful garden areas that will make your dining time more delight.


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