DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Marapu, a reggae band which currently moving to Bali from Yogjakarta, Java, is now expanding their existence in Bali through an album titled Will not Be Fooled, which also their fourth album since formed in 1999.

Their first album since moving to Bali in 2003 is somewhat unique because the album that contains 13 songs is quite different from the previous three albums. One of them is on the process of recording and the sound.

“All the songs in this album were recorded live. We also gave more of the typical reggae music of the 70s on the sound, just like vynil recording,” Arno manager of Marapu said during a press conference in Denpasar on Friday.

The Frenchman explained, this album will be released within 1000 CDs, in addition to physical release, will also be sold in digital music store.
“We will start selling it on the 13th of April in almost every digital music store in the world,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Yanto as the vocalist said, this album raises the issues of social, environment and politic.

Furthermore, Yanto explained the message campaigned in this album is stronger than the previous albums. To support even more powerful missions to be conveyed, Marapu also includes various languages in several lyrics of the song. There are Sumbanese, Papuan, Balinese, Indonesian, English to Jamaican languages.

“Reggae is originally from foreign country. By entering the lyrics of regional languages from Indoneaia, we can enter our identity as Indonesian. In addition, also because the local language is the original notation of our ancestors that we need to keep on a continuous basis,” he explained.

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Marapu Band has been performing on major reggae music festivals in Bali, such as the Bali Reggae Star Festival. Currently, Marapu consists of Yanto (vocals), Dondho Kapita (bass), Micah Johnston (drums), Ryo Santosa (rhythm guitar), Novantara Bjs (lead guitar) and Domi Kia Beda on keyboard.


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