Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy strengthen HR competency for spa business to face new normal. (Picture: Kemenparekraf)
Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy strengthen HR competency for spa business to face new normal. (Picture: Kemenparekraf)

JAKARTA (BPN) – Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) held an online training for employees in spa business and industry, as an effort to upskilling and reskilling their competencies as well as anticipation in facing the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

As cited from the ministry’s press release on Wednesday, the online training is divided into three classes; Spa Relaxation Reflection, Primary Therapist Spa, and Intermediate Therapist Spa, which is followed by a total of 60 participants.

The training officially starts on Wednesday for the spa relaxation reflection class which will take place over the next eight days and then will be followed by other classes.

The Ministry’s Acting Deputy of Resources and Institutions Frans Teguh said that the government encourages the employees to maintain their ability and skill in the current pandemic.

“The government, in this case, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, continues to provide the best, especially in efforts to improve services and innovations as well as ensuring the quality improvement of the employees and practitioners of tourism and creative economy, one of which is through online spa training,” Frans Teguh said.

In the training involving teachers from Pacific International Beauty Institute (PIBI), the materials provided are adjusted to the Indonesia National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) in the spa field, since participants are not only expected to be able to improve their abilities but also directed towards competency certification.

This has become very important parts to face competition in the future, not just local but also global competition.

“In addition to skill, other things matters are characters, expressions, and how can we create ambiances that truly reflect the value of our nation. The hospitality aspect must be considered to be able to describe the image and quality of our tourism,” he said.

Moreover, in entering the ‘new normal’ era, the needs of each person will be different, such as priority in aspects of health, safety, and security.

Meanwhile, the Ministry’s Director of Tourism Human Resources Development Wisnu Bawa Tarunajaya added that in the future, the Kemenparekraf will continue to create other classes to improve the ability and skill of tourism human resources. Including combining the learning systems both online and offline.

“We hope the participants of this training can return to their original workplace with more advanced skill when the condition has returned to normal,” Wisnu said.



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