Students of SMAN 1 Kintamani at the STEM CAMP.
Students of SMAN 1 Kintamani at the STEM CAMP.
Students of SMAN 1 Kintamani at the STEM CAMP.
Students of SMAN 1 Kintamani at the STEM CAMP.

KINTAMANI, Bali (BPN) – As many as 650 students of SMAN (State Senior High School) 1 Kintamani, Bangli, from 10th and 11th grade followed STEM CAMP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) on April 28-30, 2019 which was part of the Lighthouse School Program (LSP) in order to develop the capacity of students to improve STEM, English and character.

The latest activity was themed “Discover your potential, develop character, and think scientifically towards a potential golden generation”. This activity was held outdoor with the concept of camping where students manage their own personal and group needs.

The Lighthouse School Program (LSP)at SMAN 1 Kintamani is an initiative of Usaha Tegas Malaysia Group, to develop the quality of education in the High School Development Program in Bangli Regency. The LSP is a school quality improvement program through an intensive, comprehensive and collaborative approach to realize an accountable school management system. Through LSP, teachers and school management teams are encouraged to implement international learning best practices.

The initiative is welcomed by the Bali Province Education and Culture Office that in charge of high school education and PSF-School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) which is part of Sampoerna University, as the program designer and executor.

“We hope that with this STEM CAMP activity, students of SMAN 1 Kintamani can develop their potential in planning the future, think scientifically, have positive character and sense of responsibility, independence and self-confidence,” said Gusman Yahya, Director of PSF-SDO.

In addition, students’ skills in English are also developed and directly practiced on the field. Through an activity themed “English is Fun”, students get guidance on communicating in English and practicing it in the STEM CAMP and in competitions.

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Another interesting activity is the Simple Science Competition, a series of group work that challenges students to think logically through simple case study or experiments about science.

“This activity is to motivate students to develop the ability to think scientifically that can support the LSP program, developing English skill that can be used as a habit in communicating at school and inspire students to be proactive and optimistic to gain any achievement,” I Ketut Ada, the Principal of SMAN 1 Kintamani said.


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