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Right to left: Liza (Sales Manager Hoocen Bali), Lila Mandala (Owner Hoocen Bali), R Agung Arryanthaura (Marketing Manager Hoocen Bali).

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Hoocen, a family restaurant that offers healthy Oriental cuisines, is officially reopening on September 28, 2021, by offering new menus, namely Asian and Western Fusion.

“The addition of these menus is one of our commitment to maintaining the satisfaction of our customers who want a new taste, authenticity, and quality,” said Lila Mandala, Owner of Hoocen Bali, Thursday (28/10/2021).

According to Lila, the selection of the Fusion menu is based on culinary developments during this pandemic which is so dynamic, global, and open.

Through this relaunching, Hoocen is also expanding its business into catering services in Bali for various events such as meeting packages and office events, weddings, birthdays, gatherings, and reunions with the selection of menus adjusted to the customer’s budget.

This Hoocen catering service serves a buffet, meal box, rice besek (dishes in bamboo baskets), tumpeng (cone-shaped rice with various side dishes), snack boxes/coffee breaks, and hampers.

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“Our catering adjusts the customer’s budget with prices starting from IDR 250 thousand for a buffet menu for 50 pax. Customers can also request food testing at our restaurant,” said R Agung Arryanthaura, Marketing Manager of Hoocen Bali.

Hoocen also serves catering orders for private parties where Hoocen will later send a Chef to cook directly at the customer’s place. “We have received orders for this private party. Mostly by socialites in Bali,” he continued.

Lila Mandala explained, his restaurant is committed to maintaining the use of natural, fresh ingredients, and non-MSG spices.

Hoocen is located on Jalan Bung Tomo Raya A1 Pemecutan Kaja, North Denpasar, and is open Tuesday – Sunday from 12 PM – 10 PM.

Hoocen’s delicious menus can also be ordered via Go Food and Grab Food. Hoocen also offers venue booking with a maximum capacity of 50 people, and there is also a private room for 12 people for private dining, meetings, or workshops.

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In addition, Hoocen also has a special regular program: “60 mins All You Can Eat Yakiniku” style accompanied by Live Acoustic starting at 6.30 PM.

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