Press Conference of Festival Tepi Sawah.
Press Conference of Festival Tepi Sawah.
Press Conference of Festival Tepi Sawah.
Press Conference of Festival Tepi Sawah.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Ubud again to host the second Festival Tepi Sawah, an environmentally friendly festival which will be held in Omah Apik, Pejeng, on September 8-9, 2018. The festival will be held based on its theme “A manifestation of our humanity, art talents and expressions in respect of our mother nature.”

The Festival was born from a combination of passion and ideas from three artists, namely Nita Aartsen, Anom Darsana, Etha Widiyanto, to integrate the creative elements of this festival with education and implementation of environmental sustainability, both among children and in adults.

“The concept is an environmentally friendly event combined with art performances from various genres. They will collaborate and work in the togetherness at Uma Stage which is located at the edge of paddy field,” Anom Darsana said at a press conference at Warung Kubu Kopi, Denpasar, on Saturday.

The 2018 Festival Tepi Sawah also to present Bali’s fairytale and traditional games maestro Made Taro. In addition, there are also Trie Utami, Mathew Sayerz, Nita Aartsen, Dian Pratiwi, Fascinating Rhythm Community, Lenong Betawi, Gamelan Ceraken, Bli Ciaaattt … and Kids of Pegok.

Besides, the festival also will be filled with performances from various regions in Indonesia such as Dayak Kaltim, Maluku & Papua, Betawi & Sumatra, and Java Ensamble.

“Festival Tepi Sawah will be a reflection and messenger of environmental sustainability awareness with the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle, in terms of production, food and beverage sales, waste management, waste disposal and others,” said Nita Aartsen, one of the founders.

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Festival Tepi Sawah also to collaborate with Clean Bali Series, a book and education program on environmental awareness for children, as well as a number of environmental, educational, arts and cultural organizations and activists, to provide learning space about environmental awareness for local kids.


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