Raffting at Ayung River, Ubud, by Red Paddle Bali Adventure.
Raffting at Ayung River, Ubud, by Red Paddle Bali Adventure.

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – If you are currently in Bali and want to experience challenging activity and can stimulate your adrenaline, rafting might be one of the best choices. And one of the best rafting spots in Bali is in Ayung River, Ubud, which has strong but safe currents and rapids that will provide a fresh experience of traveling to Bali.

There are dozens of rafting operators along the Ayung River and one of the best is the Red Paddle Bali Adventure which is located on Jl. Raya Kedewatan, no. 31, Ubud.

Passing by along the beauty of Ayung River in rafting excitement provided by Red Paddle Bali Adventure gives the impression that it is hard to forget. Moreover, the Red Paddle has the longest track from other rafting operators, which reaches 12 km from start to finish, with approximately 26 rapids.

Before moving to the start point, you can prepare yourself such as changing clothes for rafting and storing your goods in the locker that has been provided. Make sure you are fit because rafting requires more energy.

If you plan to bring your phone or camera during rafting, the Red Paddle provides a pouch to protect it for free. Or you can simply ask the captain or guide to help you to capture the exciting moment.

The start point located in Begawan Village, Payangan. Arriving at the starting point you will be equipped with paddles, life jackets, and a helmet. All equipment is of high quality with international standards.

Then you will go along rice fields and walking down hundreds of steps before you arrive at the river.

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Raffting at Ayung River, Ubud, by Red Paddle Bali Adventure.

As part of the rafting, there are two stopping points during the rafting namely the first point in the waterfall, and the second is the rest point.

When you finish, you will return up the 200 steps for then you can take a bath, and enjoy lunch with some delicious Indonesian foods.

I Wayan Juliatmaja, Director of Sales of Red Paddle Bali Adventure explained, his company offers a relatively competitive price of $ 79 for a foreign traveler, which covered insurance, towel, guide, and meal. One boat accommodates a maximum of 6 people including the guide. And for the age range of 5 to 65 years old.

However, he continued, his side also willing to negotiate for special prices according to the budget of the visitors. This is done to dismiss the notion that rafting is expensive and synonymous with rich travelers.

Red Paddle handles no less than 150 people per day during the low season and 250 people per day at the high session. Open daily from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Wayan said, Red Paddle also provides other adventure packages that can be combined before rafting, such as Yoga, ATV tours, and cycling.

“As for booking, it can be placed at least one day before and we can arrange the pickup,” he explained.


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