Putri Ariani performed at the 2023 Mandalika MotoGP.
Putri Ariani performed at the 2023 Mandalika MotoGP.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – The preservation of the Indonesian culture especially for traditional fabrics, has long been a concern for Eni Joe, a renowned Indonesian fashion designer. For Eni, one of the best efforts is to spread the message to the younger generation.

Eni mentioned the fact that a young individual like Putri Ariani, now a world idol with her beautiful voice, is willing to help promote love for the archipelago’s culture, where at Mandalika MotoGP in 2023, Putri sang the Indonesian national anthem “Indonesia Raya”, while wearing an outfit made from Lombok Songket that Eni designed.

Thus, Eni hoped more young people would join in preserving Indonesia’s diverse national culture.

“I am so proud that Putri Ariani, representing Indonesian youth on the international stage, sang ‘Indonesia Raya’ with full reverence while wearing traditional Indonesian clothing, namely Lombok Songket, which I designed,” said Eni Joe.

The 17-year-old girl sang at the circuit when the sun shone brightly. At that time, she wore an outfit dominated by red and orange with accents on several sides.

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The Golden Buzzer winner of America’s Got Talent 2023 wore a red top with puffed sleeves. An asymmetrical skirt from Lombok Songket, a beautiful creation by Indonesian designer Eni Joe.

“Putri Ariani is an example of many young millennials who are successful and love Indonesia as their homeland and never forget Indonesia as their birthplace, even though they have gone international and achieved success abroad,” said Eni Joe.

Furthermore, Eni Joe revealed that when Putri Ariani asked her to design an outfit, she directly requested the Lombok Songket fabric.

“So, I designed using the Lombok fabric without cutting it because it is so beautiful. I designed it in a way to preserve its beauty,” explained Eni Joe.

“I hope that more young generation will continue to love Indonesian traditional clothing or Nusantara Wastra and proudly wear it abroad while introducing the diversity of Indonesia’s beautiful traditional fabrics.”

Eni revealed that many youngsters are still unaware of how rich Indonesia’s culture is. The most impressive thing is that Indonesia has diverse ethnicities, languages, cultures, and traditions.

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“As a designer, I only want to contribute through my creations so that the young generation will take part in preserving our national culture and maintaining the beauty of Indonesia’s cultural diversity,” she concluded.

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