DNetwork, held a regular activity called Temu Pencari Kerja.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – DNetwork, an online platform connecting disable job seekers with companies, held a regular activity called Temu Pencari Kerja (job seeker gathering) on Thursday, at the Annika Linden Center, Denpasar, Bali. The 2020 activity by DNetwork was carried out with the theme “Public Speaking” which involved the blind.

“The Job Seekers Meeting aims to provide disabled job seekers with new knowledge and skills that can support their careers or inspire them to explore career options in the future,” said Hani Fauzia Ramadhani, DNetwork Project Manager.

Hani explained that DNetwork hopes to always be able to accommodate the needs of friends with disabilities through this Program. Therefore, at the end of 2019, DNetwork held a discussion session with several communities of people with disabilities in Bali to formulate appropriate Job Seekers themes.

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“From the discussion, it happened that blind friends expressed interest in exploring public speaking. So now we accommodate the desire of friends to learn. In the next edition, we will try to fulfill the expectations of our other disabled community friends,” Hani continued.

The material presented at the activity is not only a matter of a good and right public speaking but also about creative business opportunities related to the public speaker profession. Therefore, DNetwork invited Lokajaya Group which is engaged in entertainment, agency performer, and podcasts to collaborate in delivering the topic.

In the first session, Ida Bagus Angga Baskara, one of the founders of Lokajaya Group, delivered material on public speaking in general. He shared his knowledge and experience that he had gained for six years as a radio broadcaster and MC. Baskara shared the importance of increasing knowledge to become a better public speaker.

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“The more we know, the less likely we are to run out of material. Therefore, a public speaker has to read a lot of books, listen to lots of podcasts that are educative as well, or it can be through YouTube,” Baskara explained.

In the next session, participants were divided into two groups and each group was given the task to simulate a radio broadcast. Each group member has the role of the program director, music director, broadcaster, and listener.

Surprisingly, it turned out that one of the participants Gede Satria Langgeng Asmara, has established his podcast with the name Bali Blind Podcast which already had three episodes and could be heard on Spotify.

“At the Bali Blind Podcast, I want to share information about things related to disability, especially the blind. Hopefully, it can be useful and more collaboration can be done for the next episodes,” said Gede at the end of the Job Seekers’ session.



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