Group discussion held by DNetwork.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – DNetwork, an online platform that connects job seekers with disabilities with companies, celebrates its 6th birthday last Friday at the Annika Linden Center, Denpasar. The celebration was filled with a group discussion to explore what DNetwork can do in the future in order to make an even greater contribution to people with disabilities. The discussion was attended by around 20 participants, including representatives of the Bali Deaf Community (BDC), the Indonesian Association for Welfare of the Deaf (Gerkatin), and the Indonesian Blind Union (Pertuni).

“The DNetwork anniversary is right to be used as a moment of reflection of what we have achieved in the past year and what do we want to achieve in the future. Therefore, we involve friends from the disabled community to hold dialogues and jointly formulate DNetwork programs so that the programs will be appropriate to the needs and interests of those we help,” said Hani Fauzia Ramadhani, DNetwork Project Manager.

At the discussion, each group produced valuable inputs for DNetwork. The deaf group, for example, expressed their hope that DNetwork will provide more services in the form of short courses to suit their needs and interests and talents. Meanwhile, the visually impaired and physical disability groups emphasize their desire for entrepreneurial assistance and support.

Garlan, one of the DNetwork volunteers, emphasized that there are a lot of entrepreneurial ideas from participants and there’s a big potential for future development.

“At the time, two disables already have pig livestock, others are selling clothes online, some are teaching for children at education course. In the future, maybe DNetwork also can broaden the definition of ‘work’ for people with disabilities so that all people can be helped,” Garlan said.

The DNetwork team hopes to accommodate and realize all the aspirations of the discussion participants. In 2019, DNetwork has successfully distributed 50 people with disabilities to work. DNetwork has also carried out dozens of educational programs over the past year, both for the person with disabilities to have capable abilities and knowledge, as well as for companies and the general public to be more aware of the importance of realizing an inclusive society.

Towards 2020, DNetwork has prepared a number of new programs that are certainly related to the disability labor sector.

“One of the most exciting is the volunteer program for the public who want to help the success of DNetwork programs. Volunteers can help us hold educational events, as well as being part of DNetwork’s liaison with companies,” Hani said.


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