Letkol Chb I Gusti Ngurah Suma Ardika, SE, speaks in front of managers, coaches and athletes at Kesatrian Wisma Bayu, Kuta.
Letkol Chb I Gusti Ngurah Suma Ardika, SE, speaks in front of managers, coaches and athletes at Kesatrian Wisma Bayu, Kuta.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Tens of local athletes are currently using Kesatrian Wisma Bayu, Kuta, as their training ground. Athletes of volleyball, taekwondo and Tarung Derajat (Indonesian martial arts) are hoped can maintain their fighting spirit and make themselves more victorious in the future.


“I appreciate the enthusiasm of how these young and talented athletes train so hard, while at the same time has been orderly and with discipline in using the facility provided at Wisma Bayu,” said Letkol Chb I Gusti Ngurah Suma Ardika, SE, Intelligence Detachment Commander (Dandenintel) of the 9th regional military command (Kodam IX Udayana).


In front of the managers, trainers, and athletes, I Gusti Ngurah Suma Ardika stated that this support is part of his duties, to educate the life of the nation and state, besides maintaining the sovereignty of the country and territorial. 


“This activity is a form of creative social communication in empowering the region, which is part of military operations other than war.


 As the Indonesia Military (TNI) soldier, besides being required to obey the Sapta Marga (seven-point personnel commitment) and Sumpah Prajurit (military oath), he must also be able to practice the 8 Mandatory of TNI. Among them, giving examples and pioneering efforts to overcome the difficulties of the people, this includes in facilitating athletes to train.


 At the same time, managers, coaches, and athletes also expressed their gratitude for the facility provided by Dandenintel Kodam IX / Udayana


“I express my gratitude, because I am allowed to use the facilities at Wisma Bayu for training for Biinmafo Volleyball Club athletes to make more achievements,” said Robby, Biinmafo Volleyball Club’s coach.


 Meanwhile Benny representative of Tarung Derajat and Made Windu, Dojang Rajawali Taekwondo Coach also stated that they are grateful for the facilities provided and their athletes even had won medals at a local competition.


 “After training at Wisma Bayu base camp, our athletes, Adena, Atalia, Oyin, and Aline, each won a gold medal at the Student Art and Sports Week (Porsenijar) of the Badung Regency. While other athletes Novi won a silver medal, and Dominik and Alina won the bronze medal,” said Made Windu.


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