Bukber held by journalists in Bali.
Bukber held by journalists in Bali.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – There are many unique traditions in Indonesia during the fasting month of Ramadhan, and one of them is breaking-of-the-fast gathering or Buka Bersama (bukber). This tradition is meaningful during the fasting period because it is one of the moments that can unite and rekindle the friendship and one of that moment used for a reunion.

In bukber, the culinary is one of the elements with various types of foods that can be enjoyed. No wonder, this culinary tradition has attracted the tourism sector in Bali and has been applied in hotels and restaurants by offering visitors a special Bukber menu.

For example, the warmth of the gathering while enjoying culinary delights in bukber was also held by press or journalist in Bali, at the residence of one of the senior journalists in Bali, Djoko Moeljono, at Green Kori Housing, Ubung Kaja, Denpasar, on Saturday.

After hearing the call for Maghrib prayer at about 6 PM, dozens of printed and online media crews, both Muslims and other interfaith media partners, began to enjoy the dishes served.

In Bukber, there is a dish called Takjil, sugary snacks and drinks consumed to break the fast. This dish is a kind of appetizer to break the fast such as Kolak (sweet condiment with coconut milk and palm sugar), tea, and black sticky rice porridge as well as various other sugary snacks and drinks.

Then in an intimacy, relaxing, and cheerful moment, the invitees also enjoyed the Bukber’s main menu in a dinner buffet with special chicken soup, soy sauce chicken, omelet and various other Indonesian delights.

Afterall, the most important thing in Bukber is the togetherness. After having the main dishes, journalists used this time to talk to each other in a warm atmosphere talking about interesting and funny things while serving as reporters.

Further, media crews also expected that this kind of agenda can be done more often. Apart from being a gathering place and getting to know each other, also to rekindle friendship among media crews on the island.

“In addition to glorifying and enlivening the holy month of Ramadhan 1440 Hijriah, this Bukber also intended as a place to meet and rekindle friendship among fellow media crews,” said Djoko Moeljono, who has been trusted as a media coordinator in Bali and Nusa Tenggara regions.

Soon, other agendas to keep the solidarity of media crews in Bali also already in the plan such as holding the Halal Bihalal, a post-Ramadhan gathering, and will also be an open house at the same place on Ramadhan holy day after the Ied prayer.


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