Braga Permai Bali.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – It has been more than five months since Bali went into a state of hibernation as COVID-19 surges across the world. As the world slowly recovers and the New Normal protocols implemented in Bali, Braga Permai Bali finally reopens its door to everyone, bringing a new series of appetizing delicacies and much-loved delectable from its sister companies.

Located at Jalan Diponegoro, Denpasar, Braga Permai Bali has always been uniquely serving the neighborhood, continuously improving a variety of its products.

The new menu seeks to enthuse local palates with sumptuous best-selling delicacies from its sister restaurants in Seminyak and Singapore.

Braga Permai Bali, established on May 1, 2019, is the newest addition of the Braga Permai Brand. Originally established in Bandung as a heritage restaurant from 1923, Braga Permai Bali offers Dutch-Indonesian cuisine-preserving authentic recipes that have been passed down from generation-to-generation.

Upon its re-opening, the team has been revitalizing its menu to new tastes and flavors of their sister companies from Seminyak and Singapore, notably Ultimo Italian Restaurant and Rumours in Bali; and Kota88 Chinese-Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore.

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One of the bestselling menus is the Oxtail Soup.

Oxtail Soup at Braga Permai Bali.
Oxtail Soup at Braga Permai Bali.

Thought to be introduced and brought to by Chinese settlers in the early 15th century and by British colonial settlers in the early 19th century, later adopted by Indonesians with their own variants of Sup Buntut or oxtail soup.

This dish, with the original recipe from Braga Permai Bandung, offers a delectably rich flavor, as the herbs and spices broth and the tender beef oxtail itself will intrigue your taste buds.

Another menu that visitors can try is the Smoked Beef Tongue. Intermarriage of Dutch-Indonesian cuisine, this classical dish from Braga Permai Bandung consists of tender smoked beef tongue with sautéed vegetable and potato egg salad.

Try also the sensational Nasi Babi Panggang Campur Kota88 (Mixed Pork Rice).

Mixed Pork Rice.
Mixed Pork Rice.

Hailing from Kota88, a popular Chinese-Indonesian restaurant in Singapore, lavish yourselves with this delectable pork rice platter. Savor the perfectly roasted pork delights and enjoy them alongside a medley rich side dishes such as siomay (dumplings), char siu, pork belly, and soy egg.

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Braga Permai Bali also serves Spaghetti and Pizza in new flavors from Braga Permai’s sister restaurants, namely Ultimo Italian Restaurant and Rumours, both renowned for its pasta and pizzas.  The creamy Spaghetti Carbonara or Bolognese Pizza will never fail to appease your palates.

Spaghetti Bolognese.
Spaghetti Bolognese.

As for the desert, you can try Bitterballen & Poffertjes, an all-time favorite of Dutch-Indonesian cuisine.

Bitterballen and Poffertjes, the former being a savory light bite and the latter being a mouth-watering dessert, is well-loved by many across the Indonesian Archipelago.


For the reopening, Braga Permai Bali also offers Promos such as Value Set Lunch of Chicken satay of Spaghetti with grilled chicken accompanied with a drink (choose between) mocktail for IDR 85,000 or a cocktail for IDR 105,000 from 11 am-2 pm

Bar and Garden Terrace afternoon promo from 3-6 pm for 45K. Choose drinks and lite bite to accompany you enjoying breeze afternoon.

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