Gurame Batur, one of Bendega's signature.
Gurame Batur, one of Bendega's signature.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Established in 1996, Bendega as a restaurant that focuses on serving seafood menus, has now transformed into a more modern restaurant while still serving Indonesian delights, especially Balinese foods.

According to the Marketing Manager of Bendega Sulistyawati, keeping the traditions and flavors of the archipelago has become a strong foundation for Bendega. The foods are cooked accordingly to the authentic taste of Indonesian and Balinese foods and creatively combined with present trends, so that can be enjoyed by more visitors from various ages.

Sulistyawati assessed that Bendega still reflecting on the family’s secret recipes in the menus presented. Some Bendega’s signatures are Gurame (Carp) Batur, Satay Gurame, Cumi Sune Cekuh (squid with Balinese condiment), and Rica Fried Chicken. Besides, to freshen up after a meal, Bendega presents fresh and sweet choices like Coconut ice and others.

“We also provide menus for children such as Baso Fried Rice, Fish & Chip, Sausage Fried Noodles and many more. As for the shared or family package menu, the Megibung menu can be a good choice and can be served for 4 to 6 people,” Sulistyawati said on Thursday.

Sulistyawati added Gurame Batur and Rica Fried Chicken are the bestselling menus. It is cooked and processed with the best ingridients. The Gurame Batur is made from carp that fried and doused with Bendega’s distinctive red spices. It tastes unique and delicious because of the spicy and sour taste from tomatoes, perfectly combined with the softness of fresh carp meat.

“We also offer delicious Bendega Fried Chicken and Rica Fried Chicken that contains slices of fresh tomato, chili, and lemongrass. This is our visitor’s favorite,” she said.

Playground for kids at Bendega Restaurant.
Playground for kids at Bendega Restaurant.

The new face of Bendega also now offers various types of coffee with the brand Kopi Lokal. “We present a variety of Indonesian coffees that are blended into one and processed well by our baristas. Available in hot and ice, Kopi Lokal can be directly enjoyed on the spot or take away,” Sulistywati said.

Bendega has now evolved as a place to gather and do activities related to work such as meetings, social gatherings, birthday parties and also weddings.

A room with a capacity of 100 people is available at Ramayana Hall, while the Sandat Room is for up to 30 people. For parents, they can take their children to the restaurant’s playground.

Sulistyawati explained that Bendega currently holds various promos such as Lapar Sore (afternoon hunger), which starts from 4 PM to 6 PM. Besides, there’s also Kids Eat Free promo that can be enjoyed every Sunday, free food for kids every main course purchase.

“We hope that Indonesian culture, especially Bali, can be better known through the traditional family recipe that is represented in our menus,” Sulistyawati said.



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