Begawan Foundation perform Animal Tales. (Picture: Begawan Foundation)
Begawan Foundation perform Animal Tales. (Picture: Begawan Foundation)

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – Begawan Foundation, an NGO based in Bali that focuses on conservation, education, and health, believes that educating children to be environmentally-conscious is key to the conservation work they’ve been doing since 1991. On 26 February 2021, the students at the Begawan Foundation Learning Centre called the Eco-Warriors, presented two educational drama performances to raise awareness on the environment and animals.

The drama performances were also part of the Foundation’s 20th-anniversary celebration that falls on 28 February 2021.

A total of 33 students from 7-12 years old performed two stories, 15 of them performed “Putri dan Lautan (The Princess and the ocean)” and the other 18 “Persahabatan Cendrawasih dan Jalak Bali (The Friendship between Birds of Paradise and Bali Starlings).”

The stories followed the theme of Animal Tales, one of the themes that was part of the Begawan Foundation Learning Centre’s new curriculum established earlier this year. The Learning Centre operates student-centric and socially responsible learning via an integrated and environmentally-focused curriculum.

The newly developed curriculum, based on nine themes, will provide experiential learning that develops student life-skills, environmental responsiveness, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a love of learning – in order to benefit this young generation and their communities.

With the motto Learning by Doing, the Foundation encourages students to express their own ideas and opinions and take an active part in tackling local environmental issues.

Begawan Foundation performance2

These stories were originally created and composed by the Eco-Warriors themselves. The first group told a story of the dirty ocean filled with waste that causes the animals in the ocean to suffer, so there’s a princess that creates a conservation center.

This shows that the students not only understood the danger of littering, they also understood the importance of conservation centers.

Whereas the second group shared a story of beautiful birds in the wild that got captured, their friends attempted to help so they could be free. The story talked about the importance of having wild birds return to their habitat, which is what the Begawan Foundation does with its community-based conservation program.

 “The purpose of the drama performances is to show the work of our students. They created the storyline, characters, and performed these stories themselves for the first time. We let them follow their imaginations,” said  Zeni Natalya, Educational Staff at the Begawan Foundation Learning Centre.

“Creating this story strengthens their understanding from their learning with us on issues surrounding animals and the environment. We now know that they’ll be able to educate those around them as well.”

This drama performance is also a way for the students to celebrate Begawan Foundation’s 20th anniversary and the Foundation’s contribution to their village.


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