Bali Tattoo Expo 2018.
Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 Press Conference.
Bali Tattoo Expo 2018.
Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 Press Conference.

DENPASAR – Bali Tattoo Expo returns this year with bigger concept, more interesting and presenting 132 booths consisting tattoo studio and non tattoo studio. Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 will be held on May 18 – 20, 2018 at Bali Creative Industry Center (BCIC) Tohpati, Denpasar, starts at 10 am until 10 pm.

The 2018 Bali Tattoo Expo will also followed by tattoo artists from outside Bali such as Jakarta, Batam, Manado and overseas such as Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Austria, Philippines, India, Egypt and Slovenia. For three days they will also follow Tattoo Contest by displaying the tattoos they made during the expo and also Tattoo Show Contest (healed tattoo) which usually attracts tattoo collectors.

Bagus Ferry, Organizer of Bali Tattoo Expo 2018, revealed that Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 is enriched by the increasingly diverse participants. Beside, this event also will be enlivened with music show starting at 4 pm until 10 pm, and visitor also can find food and beverage booths.

“Through Bali Tattoo Expo 2018, we want to bring tattoo communities to the next level from all sides. They can show their tattoo artwork and promote themselves and their studio to the visitors,” he said on press conference at Warung Kubu Kopi, Denpasar on Tuesday.

Bali Tattoo Expo was first held in 2016 aims to bring tattoo communities to create a wider network. “We want to invite them to bring forward tattoo industry in Bali and Indonesia. Through Bali Tattoo Expo, they can improve their knowledge and creativity, and promote the tattoo industry at once,” he explained.

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Tattoo is a culture that has lived long enough in Indonesia and is one of the oldest in the world. Nowadays, tattoo is an expression of spirituality, art, self-expression and considered a lifestyle by most people in Indonesia. Currently, tattoo fans come from various circles and it bring positive impact to the tattoo industry.

“In the meantime, Bali is the most advance tattoo industry in Indonesia. Tattoo industry on the island continues developing along with the development of tourism. Therefore, we want to always be consistent and continuous to hold Bali Tattoo Expo as the biggest meeting point between tattoo artists and tattoo lovers, as well as tightening the brotherhood between tattoo artists,” he said.


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