Tourists visit Kehen Temple at Bangli Regency on Sunday.
Tourists visited Kehen Temple in Bangli Regency. (BPN/Archive)

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Indonesia Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali recorded as many as 363,937 foreign tourists visited Bali in February 2020. The number declined 31.19 percent compared to January 2020 and declined 16.81 percent to February 2019.

As quoted from the Bali BPS news release, from 363,937 visits in February 2020, the most were recorded from Australia (22.50 percent).

Followed by India (8.24 percent), Japan (6.21 percent), Russia (5.48 percent), the United States (5.03 percent), the United Kingdom (4.76 percent), South Korea (4.23 percent), France (3.71 percent), Germany (3.30 percent), and Malaysia (2.93 percent).

Meanwhile, the arrival of Chinese tourists only amounted to 4,376, a decline of 96.08 percent compared to January 2020, which reached 111,515 visits.

Meanwhile, BPS Indonesia recorded the number of foreign tourists to the country in February 2020 amounted to 885 thousand visits. Down 28.85 percent compared to the number in February 2019 which amounted to 1.24 million visits, and down 30.42 percent compared to January 2020.

Based on the nationality, the most foreign tourists visiting Indonesia came from Malaysia with 175 thousand visits (19.80 percent), followed by Australia 90 thousand (10.24 percent), Singapore 88 thousand (10.03 percent), Timor Leste 81 thousand (9.12 percent), and India 42 thousand (4.74 percent).

Overall, the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia from January 2020 to February 2020 reached 2.16 million visits, a decline of 11.80 percent compared to the same period in 2019, which amounted to 2.45 million visits.


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