Bali Painters of Treasure exhibition.
Painters of Treasure exhibition.
Bali Painters of Treasure exhibition.
Painters of Treasure exhibition.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Five realist genre painters in Bali are set to expose 22 paintings in Painting Exhibition entitled “Treasure” at Griya Santrian Gallery, Sanur, May 4 to June 29, 2018. The five senior painters are I Wayan Januariawan, I Wayan Bawa Antara , I Made Alit Suaja, I Nyoman Wijaya and A.A Gede Darma Yuda.

“We pick “Treasure”as the theme because we believe that we possessing treasures in terms of talent and technical expertise in painting, as well as the thoughts poured in the form of paintings,” said Wayan Januariawan during a press conference on Thursday .

In addition, Januariawan also considered that painting should be like a “Treasure” where visitors and art lovers are invited to search for the “treasure” stored in the painting.

“If in a movie treasure is sought and hunted, well we describe it like, let’s hurry and dive in to the significance of  the painting,” he said.

One of the painting at treasure exhibition in griya santrian gallery, sanur. Bali picture news

Related to these treasures, one painter I Wayan Bawa Antara explained, the topic he raised at the exhibition is more to culture, especially the unique and rare culture and tradition in Bali.

While another painter I Nyoman Wijaya explained, if his work has now changed following the development of current time.

“Currently I deepen the tradition of “Wayang Wong” (human puppet troup) dance. Previously I usually paint Cows as the focus, for me this is also one of the forms of self exploration in painting,” he explained.

On this painting exhibition, all painters also expressing their concern towards the unique and rare tradition in Bali, and hoping for a smooth regeneration so in the future those traditions will not fade away.


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