Bali Govt Confirms 126 People Swab Tested in Bangli are Negative from COVID-19

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Deputy Chairman of Bali COVID-19 handling and prevention team Dewa Made Indra announced, the swab test results from 126 residents of Abuan Village, Bangli Regency, are negative from COVID-19.

Previously, the government conducted rapid tests in Banjar Serokadan, Abuan Village, Bangli, on Thursday, after they found eight cases of local transmission in the village.

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The infection came from one Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who were not disciplined in conducting self-quarantine.

The rapid test was carried out to 1,210 people of Banjar (community center) Serokadan and the surrounding banjars in Abuan Village.

The result of the rapid test, as many as 443 people were positive reactive, and they directly followed the swab test. The swab test is a method used to take a sample or specimen from someone.

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This specimen is then tested with the method Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) at the laboratory of Sanglah Hospital. This will determine someone confirmed or negative from COVID-19.

According to Dewa Indra, the government already received reports of the PCR test result for 126 people out of 443.

Astungkara, these 126 people are negative from COVID-19,” said Dewa Indra.

Dewa Indra explained, as of Friday, Sanglah Hospital still processing another 183 swab tests, while the rest will be continued on Saturday.

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“Tomorrow (Friday) we will have another lab test. We do it in stages because the lab can’t complete the test at once in one day. Hopefully, all the results will be negative,” he said.

Dewa Indra explained that other rapid tests were also carried out on Friday, to 669 residents of Abuan Village, and four people resulted in positive reactive and had followed the swab test.

The government also conducted rapid tests to 181 people in Banjar Kaleran, Padangkerta Village, Karangasem regency, on Thursday. The rapid test resulted in 12 people of positive reactive.

Of the 12 reactive rapid tests, there was one toddler aged 4 years old and the swab specimen test resulted in negative from COVID-19.

While 11 more people are still waiting for the swab results and they have been undergoing quarantine under the supervision of the Bali Provincial Government.

The Bangli and Karangasem authorities have also applied isolation to the two villages by involving the police and the military.

Besides, to meet the consumption and logistics needs of the community, the local government has prepared public kitchen facilities.


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