Bali Airport To Apply Non-Cash System for Parking Payment

MANGUPURA, Bali (BPN) – PT Angkasa Pura I I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, will start implementing electronic money cards for non-cash parking fees on Friday, December 1, 2023. This would allow people to do transactions independently.

Handy Heryudhitiawan, General Manager of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, stated that since 2021, efforts have been made to facilitate non-cash transactions by putting in place a cashless system. It is not entirely man-free, though, as a parking ticket must still be taken at the entrance and handed over to the exiting officer.

“As of December 1, the entire process of vehicles entering to leaving (the airport) will be carried out independently by taping an electronic card, there will be no parking tickets. This migration is also an effort to reduce paper use so that services at the airport are more environmentally friendly,” said Handy Heryudhitiawan.

For the initial stage, the manless system will only apply to four-wheeled vehicles or more, while for two-wheeled vehicles the cashless system will still be used.

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Handy reminded everyone to use the same electronic card at the entrance and exit gates to make it easier for the system to read.

For potential technical problems, each gate has been equipped with a help button connected to officers in the control room to solve any potential technical issues.

The socialization of this new system has been carried out since November 9, 2023, where parking service is implemented on a hybrid basis, using two methods, namely cashless and manless. People have been able to tap into their electronic money cards to enter and exit airports ever since the socializing period.

According to Handy, the cashless payment system takes longer to process transactions, so there are often queues of vehicles at the exit, especially during peak hours.

“Hopefully, the new system will provide a solution to this issue. We urge people to make sure that there is enough money on their electronic cards to complete transactions,” stated Handy.

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The electronic money cards that can currently be used are e-Money from Bank Mandiri, Brizzi from Bank BRI, Tap Cash from BNI, and Flazz from BCA.

This electronic money can be purchased and topped up at bank offices or minimarkets. Apart from that, electronic money cards are available and can be purchased through officers at the entrance and exit of Bali Airport.

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