Talk show live on TV for parent held by SMAN 1 Kintamani
Talk show live on TV for parent held by SMAN 1 Kintamani.

BANGLI, Bali (BPN) – Education is one of the most important sectors for the advancement of a nation because through education a nation produces quality future generations. In Bali, as one of the efforts to provide quality education, Putera Sampoerna Foundation – School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO), fully supported by Usaha Tegas, Sdn. Bhd. and the Bali Province Youth and Sports Education Office, appointed Senior High School (SMAN) 1 Kintamani, Bangli regency, in implementing the Lighthouse School Program (LSP), which is now in its final year.

In order to mark the achievement of activities and the end of the implementation of the Lighthouse School program, SMAN 1 Kintamani held a culmination in which there were two core activities, namely, Teacher Dissemination and Parent Seminar.

The seminar for parent focused on strengthening parental assistance during long-distance learning (PJJ). The seminar titled “Sadhu Wirasa as an Effort to Maintain Student Learning Motivation during the Covid-19 Pandemic”, is expected to motivate parents to support their children’s steps to university education.

The school also held a parent talk show through local TV broadcasted live so that it can be viewed by more people.

Meanwhile, the teacher dissemination activity was directly brought by the teachers of SMAN 1 Kintamani namely, Ni Nengah Miniawati, SPd, I Wayan Edi Setyawan, SPd, I Gusti Ayu Srijati, SSn, and Ni Luh Putu Soniyani, SPd.

“These activities are the achievement of what we have done through the Lighthouse School Program by sharing experiences and good practices with teachers, students, and parents in Bali and its surroundings. All of these successes are supported by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation,” said I Ketut Ada, Principal of SMAN 1 Kintamani, Thursday (16/9/2021).

Lighthouse School is a holistic and intensive school quality improvement program to create an accountable school management system, supported by qualified teachers, especially in the STEM & English fields by applying the best international learning practices.

This program aims to form a model school that is effective in creating quality graduates, who reach/exceed the National Education Standards so that they can become a reference for other schools.

The Lighthouse School Program is expected to be able to accelerate the distribution of education quality improvement which will later produce strong human resources.

Established in 2005, PSF-SDO then initiated School Development Outreach in response to the need for quality education services in Indonesia, with its mission to improve the quality of education through capacity building of educators and the quality of schools in order to produce quality graduates who can compete globally.

As a leading organization in education, PSF-SDO collaborates with various national and international partners in designing and implementing various innovations.

PSF-SDO to date has reached more than 33,661 teachers, principals, school supervisors and managers, 416,109 students, and 109.560 parents.

PSF-SDO is involved in improving the quality of education in 152 schools and madrasah (Islamic school) and initiated 9 Teacher Learning Centers in various locations in Indonesia.


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