The launching of Lighthouse School Program (LSP) at SMAN 1 Kintamani.
The launching of Lighthouse School Program (LSP) at SMAN 1 Kintamani.
The launching of Lighthouse School Program (LSP) at SMAN 1 Kintamani.
The launching of Lighthouse School Program (LSP) at SMAN 1 Kintamani.

KINTAMANI, Bali (BPN) – Lighthouse School Program (LSP), an educational program initiated by Malaysia’s Usaha Tegas Group, was launched at Senior High School (SMAN) 1 Kintamani to advance the quality of education in the Senior High School Development Program in Bangli Regency, on Friday, December 7. This initiative was welcomed by the Bali Education and Culture Office and Putera Sampoerna Foundation-School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) which is part of Sampoerna University, as the designer and implementer of the program.

Gusman Yahya, Director of PSF-SDO said that his side appreciates Bali Government for its performance and commitment in advancing education on the island.

“PSF – SDO also encourages provincial governments and schools to continue to innovate and I hope that this program can inspire and be applied in various regions in Indonesia,” Gusman Yahya said.

Lighthouse School Program is a school quality improvement program through an intensive, comprehensive and collaborative approach to create an accountable school management system supported by qualified teachers, especially in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and English.

Through LSP, teachers and school management are encouraged to implement the best practice of international learning. The Lighthouse School program is also expected to be able to prepare the respected school to become a reference school for the surrounding schools.

The partnership program in realizing the referral school in Bangli Regency has been ongoing for one year from the planned three years. During the first year, a series of activities have been carried out including strengthening managerial capabilities for school principals and school management teams, training and mentoring for teachers so that they can teach in the classroom effectively.

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In addition, PSF-SDO also revamping the science laboratory management, and forming characters and increasing students’ reading interest.
One of the school governance innovations implemented is the Three Ways Conference activity as a routine school activity.

This activity aims to communicate the development of each student more effectively, both academic and non-academic developments. Three Ways Conference is admitted by teachers and students as a new breakthrough because it is more communicative and involves not only teachers and parents, but also students as subjects of learning.

Some other innovations that have been made by SMAN 1 Kintamani are developing the capacity of students to create math teaching aid, literacy programs through “silent reading”, daily prayer and meditation as part of integrated student character development.

In addition, as one of the initiatives of LSP, SMAN 1 Kintamani has successfully holds a partnership with Margaret River Senior High School in Perth, Western Australia as a sister school. Through this partnership, the two schools can exchange experiences in terms of developing teacher, student skills and improving the quality of learning.

Gusman Yahya explained, PSF-School Development Outreach is committed to continuously support schools in answering the latest educational challenges in Indonesia.

“The gap in the quality of education between schools in major city and rural area has motivated us to create a program that encourages the improvement of the quality of education in partner schools and impacts the surrounding schools, and has a long-term positive impact in order to reach equitable quality for all,” he concluded.