Skena Lightbulb Canggu.
Skena Lightbulb Canggu.

CANGGU, Bali (BPN) – In the midst of the rise of coffee shops in Bali lately, Skena Coffee has become newcomers to consider. High public interest in brewing coffee, making Brian and Tyas started a new coffee shop beginning with delivering bottled coffee to creating “Skena” a coffee shop in Surabaya Town Square.

The name “Skena” has two meanings. Firstly is loanword from the English meaning “Scene” which refers to an event, in this case between musician and audience.

“Secondly, it delivers from three combined words, Sua, cengKErama, kelaNA, interpreted as “we converse and collaborated and travel together,” Brian stated.

Skena Lightbulb Canggu.

On Skena’s mainstay a coffee menu is Baileys Latte, Lychee Lime, and V60 Manual Brew. Skena also sells coffee beans and sachets and can be purchased at Tokopedia and Shopee.

Skena tagline “We rise by lifting other’s” endeavors to combine great coffee and food and to collaborate with creative people, the surrounding communities and local bands such as Red Wine, Minara, Shama, Gandrausa & Goofeygober.

In early March 2021, Brian and his business partner James opened Skena Lightbulb at Canggu Bali selling coffee, food and alcoholic beverage. “One of the goal we have is not only to support community as a hub to meet and chat, but also for the musician in Surabaya to have an outlet in Bali or vice versa,” said James.

We also have a “Skena Living” an accommodation service with an industrial look that is affordable at IDR 300,000 – 450,000 per night. So, whether in Surabaya or Bali Skena is a great venue to catch up with friends.


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