Byrd House Unveils an Enchanted Aphrodisiac Soirée at Byrd Cocktails Beach Fest 2024

SANUR, Bali (BPN/PR) – Byrd House, the epitome of elegance and innovation in Bali’s culinary and lifestyle scene, announces its inaugural Byrd Cocktails Beach Fest. Scheduled for the romantic month of February, this year’s festivity is titled “Love Potion,” offering a celebration of love and desire in the most enchanting setting of Sanur.

On February 17, 2024, from 4 PM to 9 PM, Byrd House will transform into a mesmerizing world of aphrodisiac pleasures and sophisticated fun.

As you step into the event, expect to be swept up in a wave of alluring experiences that kick off with a welcome that’s nothing short of unique.

Guests will be greeted with the signature “Love Potion,” a concoction expertly crafted by Byrd House, encapsulating the essence of love in a delectable mini drink. Served straight away in a sleek little vial, this ‘Love Potion’ kicks off the night with its charm-inducing kick, promising an evening veiled in intrigue.

Prepare to be whisked away into a realm of desire and enchantment. For a special price, guests will enjoy a three-hour free flow of seductive cocktails, crafted by expert mixologists from eight renowned vendors.

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True to the aphrodisiac theme, each cocktail is a blend of aphrodisiac ingredients like strawberries, chocolate, berries, pomegranate, saffron, vanilla, honey, and nutmeg, which promises to tantalize your senses and set the mood for an evening of passion.

But the Byrd Cocktails Beach Fest is more than just about cocktails. At the heart of Byrd Cocktails Beach Fest lies a vibrant homage to love’s many forms, beyond its toast to cocktail craftsmanship.

This affair takes you on a stylish exploration, diving headfirst into Hera by Mega’s fashion show and pop-up store, presenting flirtatious yet sophisticated resort wear. A tarot sage who peels back the layers of your romantic fate, offering sharp insights with each card’s flip to guide your heart’s journey.

Participate in couple games, designed to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories, with prizes that speak the language of love—romantic dinners and honeymoon-style stays at the picturesque Segara Village Hotel.

Live performers will serenade the crowd with soul-stirring music, while a DJ ramps up the vibe, making sure every moment is filled with rhythm and passion. The art of bartending flair will be showcased, adding an element of spectacle to the already vibrant evening.

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The Byrd Cocktails Beach Fest 2024 isn’t just another gathering; it embodies the essence of what Byrd House stands for—crafting elegant, lively, and slightly whimsical moments that stick with you.

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