PT BaliSafe partnering with Bali businesses to create CovidSafe locations.
PT BaliSafe partnering with Bali businesses to create CovidSafe locations.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – PT BaliSafe, an Australian fully licensed HSE consultancy, launched the first Covid-19 risk-based program in Bali. The CovidSafe program has been designed to guide and protect businesses and reduce the Covid-19 impact on the community by training leadership and staff in establishing effective Covid-19 controls and influence confidence in the returning tourism market.

The program provides businesses support in implementing safety procedures – like the Indonesian MOH & Presidential decree “Prevention and Control Corona 2020” protocols – and creating safer locations, by training staff in understanding the specific business risks and hazards of Covid-19.

The program ensures that employees are fully trained with Covid-19 risk awareness and cross-contamination hazard control, hygiene best practices by tailoring a practical risk management plan aligned with the Australian Covid-19 Regulations and Training framework.

Since the pandemic state was declared in Indonesia, Bali’s economy whose relying 80 percent on tourism, collapsed. In order to boost the tourism sector and the national economy, Indonesia’s central government launched the “Bali I miss you” program, targeting 1 million domestic travelers, and future international travelers – suggesting tourism industry leaders and businesses collaborate by implementing Health & Safety protocols.

“President Jokowi announced that the reopening of tourism should be done within several stages to minimize new clusters of Covid-19 with strict Health & Safety protocols,” said Septriana Tangkary, Director of Public Relations for Economy and Maritime.

PT BaliSafe believes that standard Covid-19 protocols are not enough to protect businesses as there is much more to be done to manage the risk and demonstrate control.

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Specializing in “Service Recovery Prevention” (risk mitigation & prevention) programs, PT BaliSafe focuses on helping businesses design business and inspires their staff to attract more customers. In those uncertain times, businesses need to be able to show that they can operate safely.

“Like any safety system or program, implementing a Covid-19 procedure or protocol into a business relies on understanding the actual business risks, and creating buy-in and consistency from leadership and staff for it to be effective,” said Kristy Barker, founder, and CEO at PT BaliSafe.

PT BaliSafe – Safety Inspirations(in association with Safety Inspirations Pty Ltd, Australia) is an established Indonesian based Health and Safety consultancy. Located in Bali, it provides HSE risk management and training services for multiple industries including hospitality, tourism, education institutions, food retail, health industry, food and agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and resources industries.


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