Bali Fashion Network 2023

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – In order to foster dynamic innovation and creativity, the Indonesian fashion industry has to share the spirit, and collaboration with one another is required.

According to Chris Rianto, CEO and Founder of Paramatex, this will improve the enthusiasm of new fashionpreneurs who have the opportunity to enter Indonesian and even the global market.

For this reason, Paramatex in collaboration with the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) hosted the Bali Fashion Network themed ‘Collaborative, Innovative, and Sustainable’ on Saturday (Nov 4, 2023).

Chris Rianto revealed this cooperative approach is based on the adage, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

“The fashion industry cannot grow on its own and synergy between various parties is essential for success. Therefore, Paramatex establishes the Bali Fashion Network as a forum to encourage collaboration and innovation in the fashion industry,” he stated.

Chris added the second Bali Fashion Network was attended by fashion businesses in Bali, nationally and internationally, ranging from brand owners, fashion designers, and garment manufacturers, to other supporting businesses.

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“This business opportunity in Bali is very important to develop. The garment industry has massive prospects because many companies have skills that other countries don’t have,” he explained.

Chris hoped that the garment industry could become one of the sectors that would boost Bali’s economy and not continue to depend on the tourism sector.

Meanwhile, IFC also extended its support through a fashion show featuring renowned designers with their works created from the environmentally friendly fabric of Paramatex.

As a non-profit organization whose members consist of leading fashion entrepreneurs and designers in Indonesia, IFC provides maximum support to all parties involved at the Bali Fashion Network.

Paramatex, as a leading fabric supplier based in Bali, Indonesia, has a key role in the fashion industry, since it focuses on providing high-quality fabrics that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In addition, Paramatex also positioned itself as a partner that plays an important role in the development of Indonesia’s fashion industry.

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Paramatex has a very strong commitment to implementing sustainability principles into all aspects of its business operations, not only focusing on achieving profits but also aiming to make a positive contribution to the environment and the surrounding society.

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