Bali Fashion Trend 2023

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Chapter Denpasar to roll back Bali Fashion Trend after being on hiatus for 3 years due to the pandemic. Bali Fashion Trend 2023 will be held with the theme Revival on 3-6 August 2023 at Discovery Mall Bali.

“We want to revive Bali through fashion so that designers can also contribute to promoting Bali apart from the tourism sectors,” said Dwi Iskandar, Chairman of IFC Denpasar Chapter at Discovery Mall Bali, Friday (7/28/2023).

Dwi revealed that enthusiastic local and international fashion designers are lining up to join this event because they know that they don’t need to go abroad to promote their designs since Bali is already the window for international tourists.

Dwi said that this is what differentiates events that are being held in Bali compared to other regions in the country.

“Bali can be said to have no boundaries, free expression with each style, so in terms of clothing from modest Muslim clothing, casual, resort wear, modern contemporary, ethnic, sexy and glamorous, everything is in Bali Fashion Trend,” said Dwi.

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Around 40 designers and brands will showcase their best works at the Bali Fashion Trend 2023. The event will open on August 3 with a designer’s products exhibition in the form of a concept store that will last until August 6, 2023.

“There’s a lot of potential in Bali and Bali can be a window to the world’s fashion, we have to take this opportunity,” said Dwi.

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