Bali Bird Park.

GIANYAR, Bali (BPN) – Tourism attractions in Bali are working hard to survive during the pandemic. One way they can do right now is to target the local Balinese people and the domestic market. As can be seen at Bali Bird Park that offers various promos.

“Before the pandemic, domestic tourist visits could reach 65 percent, but currently the rate of visits is only 20 percent,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Neneng Sri Mulyati at Bali Bird Park, Batubulan, Gianyar, on Tuesday.

After the government allowed people’s activities during the pandemic, she said, the kid’s segment gave new hope to the attraction. “Bali Bird Park becomes a solution to overcome kid’s boredom while staying at home, besides that they can also learn a lot about animals here,” she said.

Neneng explained that Bali Bird Park started operating again on July 17 after fulfilling the health protocol certification requirements.

“Currently, on a normal day, the average visitor is 500, and on weekend the visit reaches above 1000. We apply a strict health protocol where we will temporarily close the door if 1500 visitors already inside the Bali Bird Park,” she said.

In addition, the restaurant in Bali Bird Park has also adjusted to the current situation but without reducing its quality. Like updating the menus by offering local foods at very affordable prices, such as fried rice and chicken soup.

Neneng said Bali Bird Park has various types of birds and reptiles such as Komodo dragons. There are 1,300 birds of 250 species and three Komodo dragons. In addition, there are also shows every morning and evening that provide education to visitors about birds from around the world.


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