Money Changer Employees in Ubud Arrested for Fraud

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – Criminal Unit of Gianyar Police arrested staffs of a money changer who tricked foreign tourists who exchanging money, in Ubud, on Saturday. The two staffs were arrested and named as suspects for fraud.

Head of Gianyar Police Crime Unit AKP Deni Septiawan said, the police previously received a report from the community that staffs of a money changer in Padang Tegal area, Ubud, cheated Argentine tourist who exchanging some cash.

“The victim is from Argentina, exchanging foreign currency in the money changer amounting to 800 US Dollars and agreed at IDR 13,725 per USD,” explained AKP Deni, on Monday.

Furthermore, the money changer staffs on duty initial IKD, 23, and IKUA, 20, processing the currency exchange. But at the time the victim did not pay close attention.

“Upon arrival at the hotel where the victim was staying, the victim counted the money received from the money changer. It turns out that the amount of money that should have been IDR 10,980,000, only amounted to IDR 8,080,000,” he explained.

The victim returns to the money changer and complains towards the service at the money changer. The victim also told the incident to the hotel staff and which then forwarded to Pecalang (traditional Balinese security guards) of Padang Tegal Village and then to the police officer.

“After Criminal Investigation Unit came to the reported money changer, the two money changer staffs admitted their misconduct when exchanging the money,” said Deni.

The two employees were then taken to the Gianyar Police HQ to take responsibility for their actions. “Both suspects are subject to article 378 of the Criminal Code regarding fraud and embezzlement and to face a sentence of 4 years in prison,” he said

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AKP Deni also suggested foreign tourists visiting Bali, especially in Gianyar, to be careful in conducting transactions, and look for the official and licensed money changers.