Miracle Ultimate Arrives in Bali wit 5-Star Hospitality Services

DENPASAR, BALI (BPN) – Miracle beauty clinic introduced its newest business development, Miracle Ultimate, in Renon, Denpasar, on Saturday (7/30/2022). Miracle Ultimate presents international standard facilities and services that can compete globally, and is expected to support Bali’s tourism as Beauty Medical Destination.

“Miracle Ultimate is launched to celebrate Miracle’s 26th anniversary. As a flagship clinic, Miracle Ultimate presents three special things, namely Ultimate Facilities, Ultimate Service, and Ultimate You,” said Dr. Lanny Juniarti, President Director of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Group.

Related to the Ultimate Facilities, she explained, Miracle Ultimate provides 5 -star clinical facilities with an international standard of warm and luxurious atmosphere, designed specifically for pampering and providing comfort to customers.

In Ultimate Service, Miracle Ultimate presents Dermatology – Advanced – Aesthetic – Wellness treatment, based on the leading technology innovation and supported by professionally trained and experienced medical staff.

In addition, the ultimate service also provides a carefully aesthetic treatment that embodies a pleasant experience, providing safe and real results, as well as personal service so that every element of the customer’s aesthetic journey becomes unforgettable.

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And the last is Ultimate You, which prioritizes a personal approach by respecting the uniqueness of each person and helping to design the best care according to the needs of each customer.

“You will experience an unforgettable aesthetic treatment experience that is specifically for you. Every process is designed carefully, to create a pleasant aesthetic journey, from the beginning until the end,” she explained.

While Jap Budi Wijaya as Clinic Director of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Denpasar hopes that Miracle Clinic Ultimate Renon will provide the best comfort and results to its customers.

“Hopefully, in Miracle Clinic Ultimate Renon that prioritizes hospitality, customers can feel Ultimate Services, feel comfortable and safe, and get real and as expected results, for us, those are the most important things,” he said.

Miracle Ultimate was launched exclusively and continuously in 3 major cities, namely Surabaya (7/25/22), Bali (7/30/22), and Jakarta in September 2022.

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