Bali Tourism Updates
Picture: Kemenparekraf.

JAKARTA (BPN) – Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf) organized an international webinar entitled “Bali COVID-19 Safety Update” for conveying the current policies and information about tourism destinations in Indonesia. The webinar is specialized for the Australian market and participated by more than 100 participants from travel industries in Australia.

The Ministry’s Deputy of Marketing Nia Niscaya said that the purposes of the webinar are to maintain trust and build the trust of the Australian market to Indonesia’s tourism image in facing tourism in the new normal period.

“Australia is an important market for Indonesia, especially Bali,” Nia Niscaya said, as quoted from the ministry’s press release, Tuesday.

Also present on the webinar, Vice Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, Director of Construction and Operation for ITDC Ngurah Wirawan, and Founder & Director of Ubud Food Festival and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Janet DeNeefe.

Based on data in 2019, Australia is the second-largest tourist contributor to Bali after China. It was recorded last year that as many as 1,241,128 Australian tourists visited Bali last year.

Therefore, Indonesia needs to continue to collaborate with partners of tourism industries from Australia. Including by carrying on product updates for industries in Australia related to what has been carried out by the government of Indonesia, including local governments to prepare tourism destinations and welcome back the tourists visit in the new normal period.

“Thus, Indonesia tourism is expected to be a ‘top of mind’ in the choice of prospective tourists, especially Australia,” she continued.

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She said that currently, Indonesia continues to work optimally in suppressing the spread of COVID-19. Including in Bali, one of the world’s best tourism destinations.

Although Bali is a tourism center in Indonesia, it is not an epicenter of the spread of COVID-19. This is inseparable from the maximum efforts of the Provincial Government of Bali with its people who have optimally implemented and supervised the program well.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has prepared the Cleanliness, Health, and Safety (CHS) protocols for later implemented in destinations and other places in the new normal period.

Together with the regional governments and all tourism and creative economy stakeholders, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will ensure the protocols are socialized and implemented.

“We make improvements and ensure the best for the tourist’s needs in the new normal period. We are optimistic we can welcome the tourist back with new experiences and attractions,” she added.

Ngurah Wirawan as manager of the Nusa Dua area said that his party is ready to implement the new normal protocols in the tourism sector.

Starting from the entrance of the area, when tourists check-in at hotels or resorts, at the activity places, and when they check out.

“All is carried out with protocols that prioritize the cleanliness, health, and safety factors. Yet, it is packed with a pleasant concept,” Ngurah said.

These protocols will not only be intended for tourists but also staff and all parties in the Nusa Dua area. So that tourists are comfortable enjoying various attractions and destinations there.

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While Vice Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati or Cok Ace said, the Provincial Government of Bali still has not determined exactly when tourism in Bali will be opened. 

Until now, they remain focused on efforts to suppress the spread of COVID-19 by continuing to synergize with the people and local communities including pecalang.

Also, at the same time, preparing the communities and all tourism and creative economy stakeholders in facing the new normal period.

“We hope that later, Australian tourists will be able to return to travel and explore the beauty of Bali in the nuances and new normal order that we have prepared well,” Cok Ace said.


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