Picture: Kemenparekraf.
Picture: Kemenparekraf.

JAKARTA (BPN) – Indonesia and Malaysia agree to cooperate on tourism and creative economy in an effort to rebuild these sectors in each country that are severely hit by the COVID-19, one of which is by building a joint tourism travel corridor.

Deputy of Marketing for the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, Nia Niscaya, said that Malaysia is one of the important partners for the tourism of Indonesia, according to Nia in the ministry’s press release,

Malaysia has become one of the biggest tourist contributor countries for Indonesia. In 2019, as many as 2.09 million tourists from Malaysia visited Indonesia.

“Indonesia and Malaysia have a long history of cooperation in various sectors, especially tourism. So, it is very important for us to jointly increase cooperation in an effort to rise from COVID-19,” Nia said on a Talkshow Network Industry Travel with the Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri, Friday.

COVID-19 brings fundamental change for tourists in traveling in the future. For traveling between countries, tourists will tend to prefer traveling on a short-haul trip. Based on this, Malaysia has become one of the potential partners to be able to foster interstate tourist trips.

Nia explained that cooperation that can be carried out is how to obtain international’s trust that these two countries have successfully controlled the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, both countries agree to create a travel corridor.

“We must be able to ensure the handling of COVID-19 in each country has been resolved properly. This is important to be able to generate a sense of tourist confidence from each focus market country. Trust is the new currency in the new normal period,” Nia said.

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The Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Nancy Sukhri, also said Indonesia and Malaysia must be able to improve the cooperation in order to improve the tourism sector in the future.

For now, Malaysia will still focus more on the domestic market with various programs to carry out. In line with the implementation of health protocols which will also be implemented strictly.

“The tourism sector must be able to adapt properly to gain back the tourist’s trust so they can travel, stay longer in many destinations,” Dato’ Sri Nancy said.

She said that Malaysia obtains full support from all of the tourism stakeholders and will utilize various digital platforms to be able to carry out health protocol, supervision, and promotion.

“Malaysia really enjoyed the cooperation between Indonesia so far and is committed to continuing to improve it in the future,” she said.


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