Aedes Aegyti mosquito that carries dengue fever. (Photo: net)
Aedes Aegyti mosquito that carries dengue fever. (Photo: net)

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Denpasar City Government has invited the public to be aware of the spread of dengue fever. This is because the dengue cases in Denpasar as of April 22, have reached 832 cases.

“Although we are currently handling and preventing the COVID-19, we are also should aware of dengue fever. There are 832 cases recorded from January to April 22, 2020,” Head of Community Health Services of Denpasar dr. IB Eka Putra said on Saturday.

To prevent the dengue cases in Denpasar, he continued, the authority has massively held mosquito fogging.

However, the community is also encouraged to keep the cleanliness of the surrounding environment independently. This can be carried out by periodically checking mosquito larvae and eradicating mosquito nests.

“The fogging only kills adult mosquitoes, while the larvae are not killed,” he explained

Eka Putra hoped that the community will actively maintain environmental cleanliness and avoid puddles inside and outside of the house.



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