Speakers and moderators of CHSE Webinar held by the Denpasar Administration and IFBEC on Wednesday.
Speakers and moderators of CHSE Webinar held by the Denpasar Administration and IFBEC on Wednesday.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – The Denpasar Administration in collaboration with the Indonesian Food & Beverage Executive Association (IFBEC) Bali held a webinar themed Workshop CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment) from Grand Istana Rama Kuta Hotel, on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. The webinar was followed by 100 people consisting of Hotel, Villa, Restaurant, Café, Angkringan (street food) Managers in Denpasar.

According to the Head of Denpasar Tourism Office, Dezire Mulyani, the webinar was held to encourage tourism accommodations and restaurants in Denpasar to implement the new normal standard.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of IFBEC Bali, I Ketut Darmayasa, said that there are around 5,830 hotels in Bali, but currently, not all of them are certified for the new normal protocols.

“We have helped to deliver the protocols to the community, companies, managers, and staff so that they are also aware of this program, and if all tourism stakeholders and the community apply the CHSE, there is a chance that tourism in Bali and Indonesia will rise again,” he said.

Ketut Darmayasa who is also F&B Director of Grand Istana Rama Kuta Hotel hoped that Bali will soon be a green zone, so that next month foreign tourist visits can be reopened.

Deputy Chairman of IHGMA (Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association) Bali Chapter, I Wayan Muka explained that the CHSE protocol is very important, especially in terms of the “Environment” that related to Sustainability of Balinese Tourism.

Thus, Bali has four Gubernatorial Regulations (Pergub) to manage tourism in a sustainable manner such as waste management and reducing the use of plastic packaging, so that Bali remains a world-class tourism destination.

Likewise, the use of local products produced by farmers as well as local wisdom in the form of Balinese script and Balinese traditional wear.

“These are tourism icons because Bali also has a high civilization, like other places also have this characteristic for their tourism such as Malaysia and Thailand,” Wayan Muka said.

Wayan Muka revealed that out of 34 provinces in Indonesia, 8 provinces are required to carry out CHSE certification, and Bali is one of them.  By far, Bali has conducted the verification for new normal protocols, and the verification team has been formed from the provincial to regency/city levels based on three aspects, namely product, management, and service.

“We hope that this CHSE Webinar can provide benefits to increasing public awareness, and with optimal guidance and implementation of the CHSE, it can provide assurance to tourism business managers, employees, and tourists about cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability. Slow but sure, tourism activities will return to normal and Bali tourism will soon rise again,” he said.


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