Festival Tepi Sawah
Founders and artist of Festival Tepi Sawah explained the festival's program on a press conference on Tuesday.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – One of the most environmentally friendly festivals in Bali, the Tepi Sawah Festival will arrive on July 6 – 9 in Ubud. The third Festival Tepi Sawah will raise the theme the manifestation of empathy for humanity, and expression of dedication from artists to respect the Mother Nature.

Located at a very unique location at Pejeng village, Ubud, Tepi Sawah Festival creates an Uma Stage which lies behind the symbolic panorama at the edge of paddy field.

The festival to present a variety of programs such as music, workshops, art installations and various other branches of art combined with environmentally friendly programs.

Nita Aarsent, one of the festival’s founders revealed that this year, Festival Tepi Sawah to present a special line up.

“One of the special ones is Sinden (a gamelan orchestra singer) who can sing both jazz and blues Endah Laras. An interesting highlight from Papua; Papua Mania. Also there will be Balawan who will perform feat Made Ciiiaaattt. The festival will also hold a Tribute for Koesplus (Indonesia’s legendary band), where all the contributing artists will sing the band’s songs,” she said on Tuesday.

Festival Tepi Sawah will also hold interesting workshops as educational materials, such as film workshops, cukil (graphic arts on wood), dance and others.

In terms of the production order, the festival is prepared carefully from year to year, in terms of stage, sound, lighting, and other production needs.

“Every year we try to present a festival that friendly for children and families. For this reason, the sound needs, the lighting will also follow and comfort the viewer, the point is to comfort all eyes and ears,” said Anom Darsana, another founder of the festival.

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From the environmental standpoint, Festival Tepi Sawah has raised innovations to educate both of the festival’s performer and visitor in taking care of the environmental cleanliness.

Festival Tepi Sawah also to collaborate with Clean Bali Series, a book and education program on environmental awareness for children, which has been actively mobilizing Clean Bali program at the festival site, Omah Apik, to provide learning space about environmental awareness for local kids.

The Festival is hoped to be a reflection and messenger of awareness of environmental sustainability with the principle of reduce, reuse, in terms of production, food and beverage sales, waste handling, waste disposal and others.



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