Discussion of the role of mass media towards Bali's environment ahead of MOI Bali inauguration at Best Western Kuta Beach Hotel on Thursday.
Discussion of the role of mass media towards Bali's environment ahead of MOI Bali inauguration at Best Western Kuta Beach Hotel on Thursday.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Mass media has a very important role in educating the public, especially about waste. This was conveyed by Assistant of Bali Governor’s for Legal Affairs Nyoman Budi Adnyana in a discussion ahead of the inauguration of Media Online Indonesia (MOI) of Bali at Best Western Kuta Beach Hotel on Thursday.

“If the news is reported continuously, it will have a profound impact, turning into a culture that can be lived by the community. The same thing happens with waste in Bali. I’m hoping the media in Bali can continuously publish waste education on the island,” he said.

According to him, this is very important because Bali is a tourist destination, Bali is a showcase of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. Currently, foreign tourists visiting Bali have reached 6.5 million, and domestic tourists as many as 10 million. While Bali population as much as 4.2 million.

“You can imagine there is a human movement with a total of 20 million people per year in Bali. It means there is also a moving effect that is a lot of garbage. If the bad impact cannot be handled properly, competitors in terms of tourism will win. Bids from other countries are very tempting,” he said.

Budi explained, based on the Bali Partnership research in collaboration with the University of Udayana Bali, and the Norwegian Government, Bali produces 4,281 tons of garbage per day and annually there are 1.5 million tons.

Of the 4,281 tons of garbage, only 48 percent that already handled properly, such as being channeled to the dumpsite. While the remaining 52 percent is not handled well and dumped randomly like to the river. Of this amount, 20 percent is plastic waste which is very difficult to decipher. 

Budi Adnyana who is also the Chairperson of The Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) of Bali said that plastic waste in Bali must become a common enemy, a common concern, especially for the media. Moreover, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster sees that waste problem in Bali requires extraordinary handling.

One of the solutions is the issuance of a Governor Regulation on the Limitation of Disposable Plastic. It includes plastic bags, Styrofoam, and plastic straws, which mostly cannot be recycled.

According to Budi Adnyana, if the media continues to spread this news, the ban on disposable plastics will be very effective. Besides, custom villages will play a major role in banning the use of disposable plastics.

If the media and custom villages can work together in spreading and prohibiting the use of disposable plastic, in fact around 70 percent of Bali’s development in the environmental field can already be achieved. 

“I’m inviting Media Online Indonesia of Bali to work together with us to provide education for the development of Bali in the field of waste,” he closed.



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