Elizabeth International held its 14th graduation ceremony at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), on Friday (Dec 22).

NUSA DUA, Bali (BPN) – Elizabeth International, a renowned hospitality campus in Bali, held its 14th graduation ceremony, which was attended by 841 graduates from its 12 majors, at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), on Friday (Dec 22). This year’s graduation was themed Amertha Widya Shanti.

According to Putu Sri Budani, Director of Elizabeth International, Amertha Widya Shanti is a symbol of the student’s transformation during their studies and becomes a spark of life energy (Amertha) through knowledge (Widya) that leads to a peaceful life (Shanti).

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“We hope that all students at Elizabeth International will have the enthusiasm to continue learning and gaining knowledge to improve the skills and expertise that will lead them to true success,” she stated.

The absorption rate of Elizabeth International graduates in the industries, she continued, is quite high that 90 percent of this year’s graduates are already employed. Nine of them completed their graduation online because they are employed overseas, specifically in Malaysia, the Maldives, and the US.

“Of the number of students who have graduated, 90 percent of them have been employed and some of them work abroad,” she explained.

Putu Sri Budani, Director of Elizabeth International
Putu Sri Budani, Director of Elizabeth International.

At this graduation ceremony, Elizabeth International, through its Ezzycareer.com division, demonstrated its commitment to providing career opportunities and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit by hosting the 7th Bali International Career Expo (BICE). This event invited 34 global academic and hotel partners who support Elizabeth International’s alumni and students’ career opportunities.

In addition, the Ezzypreneur Festival was also attended by 12 tenants who are Elizabeth International’s active students who have participated in business development coaching offered by Elizabeth International Business Incubator since August 2023 to foster the spirit of young entrepreneurs.

Sri Budani explained that the hospitality education sector has improved since the pandemic ended, and has had a positive impact on the increasing number of students signing up for classes at the Elizabeth International campus.

“Previously, parents questioned why they should send their children to the hospitality sector if tourism had not recovered. But following the recovery of tourism, their confidence has also increased,” she said.

This has triggered Elizabeth International to continue to innovate, one of which is by opening a new class, namely Bar and Mixology, and collaborating with well-known brands in the world of hospitality.

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