- Chairman of Bali COVID-19 Task Force Dewa Made Indra
- Chairman of Bali COVID-19 Task Force Dewa Made Indra.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Chairman of Bali COVID-19 Task Force Dewa Made Indra announced six new cases of COVID-19 in Bali and at the same time six patients also have recovered, on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

“Today, there are six new COVID-19 cases in Bali. All of them are Indonesian and got exposed when they travel outside Bali,” he said while delivering an official statement in Denpasar on Wednesday.

Besides, Dewa Made Indra also delivered the good news that six COVID-19 patients have recovered in Bali.

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“I have to inform the public about the good news too. Six patients who were positive for COVID-19 also recovered. They consist of five Indonesian and one foreign national,” Dewa Made Indra said.

In total, he continued, the number of people under surveillance (PDP) in Bali to date as many as 157 people. 136 out of 157 swab samples results in 111 negative, and 25 positives.

While the recovered, accumulatively has now become 10 patients, consisting of two foreign nationals and eight Indonesians.

“The increasing number of patients who recover has grown confidence that this disease can be cured. The keys are the discipline in maintaining your health and following quarantine procedures,” he said.

While regarding the map of the COVID-19 spread, which has also been made by several regencies/city, Dewa Made Indra explained that the provincial government had also made a similar map.

“We are preparing, and adjusting to the distribution map that has been made by the regencies/city. Manually it has been completed, but it is still refined into a digital platform,” he explained.


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